I found a little typo / The Grammar Lesson Thread.

If you go to the link it should say CLYW not CYlw. Just thought I’ld let you know

They may have said that because the went counter-clockwise along the hat.


I just thought it was a typo and thought they might want to know

I found a little typo. :smiley:



The correct way is I’d.

Oh yea LOL

And to be totally OCD, it’s maybe, not maby :wink:

Yu gyze needs two lurn too spel.


^Yea I wasn’t really thinking about grammer when I made this thread

Grammar…Just in case you’re interested. :smiley:

Well Im getting a big grammar lesson today LOL

^Seeeeee I Spelled Grammar Right. That is a big accomplishment for me :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


You Also Capitalized Every Word In You Sentence

Oh And You Forgot A Period

I capitalized every word in the sentence because I was making a very important statement. <----------

See I remembered the period that time

I’m becoming an expert on grammar now LOL

^ ohhh I even remembered the coma

You don’t capitalize every word just because it’s an important statement.

Also, I think small typos are alright but when the whole thing it just disorganized and no periods or capitals and just wrong spelling it looks bad and makes you seem dumb.

Comma. Don’t want you going unconscious do we.

Yea I know

it just looks nice when each word is capitalized. IMO

That’s an apostrophe.