Is the "Format :C" spelled wrong?

Sorry if this has already been explained or discussed… It looks like an awesome yoyo. I really dig the Code 2… and a souped up version has to be pretty awesome, but shouldn’t it be spelled “Format C:” instead of the way it is?

Typo? Worried about someone typing it at a Run command?
What’s the story?

Merry Christmas… as you can tell, work is slow.

What if the Benchmarks were the Format series.

They would be Format: V, Format: O and Format: H respectively to what model we’re talking about.

The guy who named it makes the rules.

Also, if you wanted it Format C:
What is coming after the colon?

Coming from a computer background I understand your though process, Format C: is the command given to erase a hard drive.

The name for this yo-yo is correct. Format:C is short for Format:Competition or basically it is One Drop’s competition focused yo-yo.

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Studio, C: represents the root level of a hard drive. Nothing comes after the colon unless you’re giving a path to a folder or file. It’s computer-ese. When I first heard and saw the name of this yoyo, and being a Comp Sci teacher, I immediately thought there was a typo. Thanks, Saintrobyn, for clearing this up for me too.

Been dealing with computers for 30+ years. I’m well aware of what format c: means.

Last thing we need is giving people accidental keyboard stroke suggestions for people who can barely figure out how to turn on their computers.

Pretty sure They are following a
Format: (insert letter here)
Pattern, the colon differentiating the yoyos

Then why the question of what should come after the colon?
Reading things opens the interpretation to attitude, so why the attitude here? Your last sentence is fraught with it and I don’t understand where you’re coming from at all. Want to shed some light on your snippiness? The guy’s asking a simple question. Can’t you give a simple answer?

I’ve never heard of a “format: letter” pattern before. I can’t seem to find one online either, so I’m wondering if this is common knowledge that I’ve missed.

Last I checked, I did give a simple answer.

I merely pointed out a grammatical error by the "shouldn’t it be “format c:”
We’re talking NAMES, not formatting mounting points.

But, if you want to attack my non-existent snippiness, enjoy being wrong on that topic.

Yeah, it’s all MY problem, clearly. Have an awesome day, dude.

Nah, Studio, you are Wrong on the snippy ness thing.

You basically suggested, in so many words, to not give people something to mentally digest, when they are prolly not bright enough to even turn on a computer.

So Mike is spot on in his response to you.

You made it sound like your Computer experience somehow causes you to sense that many around you are ‘lacking in fundamental Computer functionality’.

… In other words, you suggested ‘don’t confuse yoyoers when they are too dumb to turn on a Computer’.

Now that I am done, I gotta figure out how to shut the power down on this sucker!



I figured they put it there because they accidentally dinged a proto and they wanted to pay tribute by putting a little smiley in there.

I have other plans.

They might shock some.

I Think what he meant was that it followed a naming convention formula for the yo-yos.


Format:C = Format:Competition
Format:H = Format:H-Shape
Format:V = Format:V-Shape
Format:O = Format:Organic Shape

I could be totally wrong though. :slight_smile:

I always like “rm -rf /” myself
(su to root first)

Have a nice day, unless you have other plans…

This sounds scary o.O

One of the worst threads of the year.


Protip: don’t type Format C: into your computer.

It was meant to sound scary. Studio always likes to blend in his Borderline insanity with a Drama/impending doom kinda flavor.

Think about it, the day before Christmas, and instead of just being resolved to the ‘it’s supposed to be a happy time of year’, mindset; it is better to throw a Wrench into the machine and make it sound like he is gonna Snap with Axe in hand… Or maybe play with some other form of one way entertainment.

…or, on a Happier note, maybe his wifes’ relatives are swarming their way over and he is warming up da gloves to do the Yearly Smackdown on her Uncle that owes him money? Dunno?

Why would ‘anybody’(not wearing a custom fit straight jacket) take the day before Christmas, to say he was going to do something that may Shock people?

Studio, I honestly believe it is very unfair for you to post up something ‘ominous’, that may distract some of the kids that like you, from having Christmas fun, because they may spend moments being concerned about ‘what you might do’?


Shocking lameness.

I think you should spent less time playing with electricity… At least don’t stand in water.

I think you need to reformat your hard drive.

Sorry for you if Christmas is a tough time for you. Many people get depressed around the Holidays.

Depression is actually an American tradition around this time of year.

You will not improve your own situation by leaving cryptic messages on the board.

I am not telling you to not be depressed. There is no command based solution for clinical depression.

I am suggesting that you don’t depress others with your Drama.

Merry Christmas… And hit your wife’s’ uncle for me… A Christmas gift with punch.

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I though c: was a weird looking smiley face.