just got my format c in the mail and wow is this thing amazing. it can handle anything i thow at it.Speed or slowness tech or bangers slack and rejections grinds and sleep time this thing does it all. not to mention the stunning black i got it in, nice brand new white type x string and this thing is ready for anything you want to do.cant praise this throw enough.So anybody else got thoughts on this amazing yoyo

sounds like the typical yoyo.


I find it excels at everything I throw at it (except grinds). It also doesn’t seem to have any quirks, which is either good or bad… I’m usually into quirky stuff with an obvious bit of character (like the bubbly shape and rims of the Punch Line)! I’m still trying to decide if I love it or not… took some time discovering I like the Chik, and I think this one will be the same way.

I don’t think any of my other yoyos compare in terms of looks. Closest I have to match it for looks (but in a different way) is the Krown. That format:C is beautiful.

When I went to Nationals with JD, he let me test out the Format C and clear rally’s in our hotel. That thing was awesome! Played really nice! I wish the engravings where better though. The shiny ring looks cool, but the engraving is ugly. Still plays fantastic though!

Finally, someone with the same outlook and opinion of yoyo’s as me. Quirks is what keeps the yoyo world new and fresh. A good performing yoyo is a good performing yoyo is a good performing yoyo, but a fun yoyo with quirks cannot be beat.

bump anybody else

I got to try Drew’s today at Iowa States and it was amazing. The engravings actually looked nice too.

This is kinda how I’m currently feeling about most yoyos. Almost everything that comes out nowadays plays pretty nice. I guess that’s part of why people are into quirks now.

I’m a bit of a noob, but I love this yoyo. It is the crown of my burgeoning collection. It’s so darn gorgeous that I kept it on my nightstand the first night just to wake up to it’s beauty the next morning. Opposed to other opinions, I love the computer font FORMAT:C engraving as it brings me back to the time of my first hard drive wipe for a new OS. I was debating if I should have got the gray color as it is more symbolic of a computer screen, but I’m fairly over the moon with this race car green.

It feels awesome in the hand and it’s play is outstanding. I’d have to say that I love the stability of the Arctic Circle more, but the Format:C is a close runner up. Stability is a nice quality to have while learning.

I’ll be using this throw to learn the kwijibo this weekend. One trick at a time…

Edit: This crown of my collection has been usurped by the Prestige Blue Love. One ring to rule them all.