At what point should you get your first bimetal?

I’ve heard someone online saying that they dislodged the rim after dropping it really lightly, I plan on only using this yo-yo indoors, have you dropped it yet?

Also, how does it sound?

good bimetals are better, but not by a wide margin than good monos

get bimetal if you think its cool looking and the price doesn’t bother you (i.e. don’t waste all your spending money on one because I wouldn’t want you to be sad if it breaks) :slight_smile:


There’s bimetals out there just as cheap as good monos…price doesn’t have to be a hindrance.

$40 gets you a MYY Focus and it’s excellent.

Offcourse… $17 will get you a MYY Hertz and it’s also quite good.


when you can afford a nice one. id skip the budget ones, they just make you want a nicer one. skill doesn’t matter for yoyo you should get outside of binding. depends on your personality are you a does the job kinda person. or wants the nicer stuff in life

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I’ve hit the ground on carpet, a rug, and a hardwood floor, no damage from any of those. Generally it’s very quiet, especially with a freshly cleaned and lubed bearing. When I hit the hardwood floor it sounded like a tuning fork. Which is why I’m pretty religious about carpet and rugs. :grin:

There are outstanding bi-metals, like the $84 Durendal, that are cheaper than outstanding monometals, like the $140 SYFO. Reticulated’s $85 Death Adder also comes to mind.

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For anyone who wants a Miracle but finds it cost prohibitive, the Aventus by Thesis is also a great yoyo. My son got one for himself a month or so ago and it tied with the Outlier 3 as his favorite yoyo.

I played around with it myself and I’d say it’s really, really close to the Miracle. It’s not as rim-biased but the difference is negligible, and finger spins are a little easier. I can’t feel the $60 price difference.

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Miracle is great, cant wait to see you dive into YYR and TP later haha.

I think nowadays it is all subjective, also the learning curve is becoming less and less prone to responsive play/plastic yoyos- I feel like more beginners are jumping right to unresponsive play (which I get) and with that said want to jump also right into a higher quality yo-yos like bi-metals.

I think it ultimately depends on your skill level and what you want to go for. If you are eager and want to put in the work right away for unresponsive play/invest in a bi-metal yo-yo I am all for it.

I prefer people to start responsive and start with plastics, but thats just my bias opinion LOL

In conclusion, your first Bi-metal should be the KO! - Not only is it cheaper than most Bi-metals, but plays amazing and supports a great fun dude :rofl::heart:


smooth plug :saluting_face:

Here hot take. Everyone should be required to get a wood yoyo followed by Pom then poly carb then 6061, 7k Al then a bimetal or hybrid then you can start looking at ti and exotics. Gotta level up like your in an RPG and can’t pickup certain items until you reach a specific class.

Then you open up sun classes about mono metal and can look at other divisions of play

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Which yoyos are you grabbing for your Helm, Armor, and Weapon slots


My helm will be the krown ti and my weapon the r2fg halberd


There is actually a game on Roblox called yoyo simulator. In the game you earn DNA and use the DNA to get better yoyos.
Totally not worth playing.


I got my first bimaterial (the Iceberg, similar enough to a bimetal for me) at the eight month mark, when I started transitioning to intermediate, longer tricks. If I’d bought it any earlier I know I’d not have appreciated its differences from my other throws, and in the time since then that appreciation has grown a lot. Personally I’d recommend against buying one til at least six months for that reason, and honestly partly just to see if one’s interest in 1A holds out that long.

I’d also wonder if after you reach at least intermediate level, maybe it’s easier to tell what differences are your own improvements from week to week, and which are from the new yoyo? But that could be a less universal concern, lol

Correct Answer: whenever you want it can afford one. It never hurts to try different throws

Bias answer: well balanced monos are more than enough. My most played yoyos are $40 and under. I tend to baby my more expensive throws and don’t take as many risks with them. So usually it’s a question of my lack of skills or technique before it is a question of the throws ability. The only place where I would change my opinion on that is when it comes to learning horizontals. Bimetals just out perform monos and make learning them soooo much easier.

This may be a bit old-fashioned thinking, but I would prefer to buy bimetals after I have some more tricks I can do with monometals. The reason is that you can maximize the performance of bimetal. Or, you should try various monometals and find your favorite yo-yo specs before buying a bimetal yo-yo, so that you can get a yo-yo that suits your taste and that you can use forever.
Sorry for my poor English.
I hope I could be of some help to you in your yo-yo selection.


I got mine recently and I have been throwing for only about nine months and it helped me progress a lot so in my experience somewhere around the one year mark is when I think you should getone

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When you find one you like or a bunch of people all recommend. No need to overthink this…


this was my thought when i got one, i’ve had one for a while and it made me feel a lot better about yoyoing

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