your 1st metal

i was wondering when i should get my first metal…when fdid you guys get yours?

I got mine on 28th march, my first metal, a meteor. Don’t really recommend it if you don’t have a powerful bind and throws.

ohh im in the expert 2 so i guess i kinda have good binds and throws…How good were you when you got your meteor?

If u got the money and u want one then go 4 it! Doing expert 2 tricks having one wouldnt hurt. Just dont think it will make u any better than if u were using a decent plastic yoyo :wink:

I was around expert 2 as well! But when you get the meteor, its gonna be dead unresponsive, almost impossible to bind back. This is because of the 5 mm gap. It’s seriously a massive gap lol!

actually i have a bi-metal not plastic and im planning to get an m1 cause its cheap and good but im not sure if im ready for it

um im not sure about this, but doesn’t bi-metal mean 2 metals? Like aluminium and titanium? (catch 22!)
And at expert 2, you’re ready to get the m1. It might even make u a better player lol

no, Bi-metal is a yoyojam hitman Darkmagic, Minimotu Etc. And I think if you are on Expert 2, An M1 will be just fine. I got my fist metal on Advanced, About a month after starting.

I got a Luchador. Not the best choice for a first metal, but its a great player. I’m liking it more now.

Really, as long as you have a really nice bind you will be OK. I got my first metal last year on my honeymoon lol. But one thing about the m1 is it is really unresponsive. So when you bind you cant just let go of the string, you have to actually throw it down into the gap and pull at the same time. I know that my DM you can just kind of double up and let it go and it will come back. but on an m1 its a little diff. But it is a great yo-yo for the price. But you will never know if you can use a metal yo-yo until you buy one, and we cant really tell you if you are ready. i got mine before i could even do advanced tricks. So have fun and you’ll like the m1.
tickle it

Thats what i meant with my meteor.

Mine was my Axiom.

Me too, but I won it. :smiley:

I say go for it, metal is a whole diffrent game it responds diffrently, feels great and plays more stable. I’m glad I went to metal it makes you work hard at getting to the next step.

My first metal was the Axiom, which is a great small yo yo. Smooth as silk but has a huge gap.

Jumping up to these wide gapped metals REALLY teaches you how to bind.

Mine was a G5. I got it when I was done with this site

But really, as long as you can bind, you should get one :wink:

my first metal was a DNA

My Legacy is the yoyo that really tought me how to bind. Mines about as responsive as well…let me use a “metaphore”

If you walk out into a cow farm and start talking to a pile of cow poo…the poo is “unresponsive”…thats how unresponsive my Legacy is lol

my first all metal was an m1. i like it pretty well. i have had a new dna for a while now and it is top notch! i have the pad version m1. didn’t like it b/c it was way to responsive. i changed it to flowable sillicone and it is still responsive. i don’t know what else to do but to clean the bearing. i hope that works. has anyone else had this problem??? i have been playing with it for about 1.5 weeks with the new sillicone so it should be broken in by now.