Anyone listen to hardcore, pop-punk?

Maaaaan they are such classics, totally agree with you and I love them as well, great suggestion for everyone that want to get into this genre honestly, always great guitar work (yes I am obsessed with the guitars in skramz/emo)

I have been out in the weekend, so every weekend will be hard to me for the suggestion but during the week no problems!

Monday suggestion are The death of Anna Karina and their my favourite album “Lacrima/pantera”

The lyrics from this band are another level, I hope you will translate some of them, full of quotes and great poetry, every album and song they did is so powerful and complex, hard to tell you my favourite because I really do love the whole album (and the other album as well) if I really have to choose one or two I would say “Gli errori e di fronte a noi il nulla” and " Così che non potranno più prenderci".

This band has the real power of make you feel powerless or very powerful, great vibes

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Hey Hey @Albertino

No stress about posting less on weekends. I guess you‘ll have to listen to three bands on Monday then :wink:
The Death of Anna Karina are also one of those bands I came across their name and maybe listened to only one or two of their songs. Not that I didn’t like them but there are just so many bands which are great and interesting. That’s why I even more appreciate your recommendations so I get pinpointed in awesome directions. This band is really great. Very sophisticated and varied in their style. I even sensed a bit of a ‚Groove‘ vibe at certain points. Very interesting to listen through their album.

I would like to share Et tu Brute today. They are also very diverse in their approach to song writing. Many influences. Post-Rock-ish, Metal-esque, very very Screamo. The build-up at the beginning of the song combined with that crashing into the powerful more typical Screamo section is goosebump material which always gets me hyped at the same time. It‘s always interesting to me how songs are able to establish a certain mood especially when the song in itself is so varied (I‘m obsessed with mood like you are with guitar work I guess :wink:). I’m also pretty confident you‘ll like the guitars in this piece…

Maaaan, I did not knew this band, never heard of them, so great it remind me so much of the style that was very famous years ago, the type of clean riff it was such a thing.
As always you nail it with the voice, I do love this singer voice, those distorted guitars are so nice, very tight, I did like this piece a lot!

My suggestion for today is finally not italian (but I will be back with italy soon ahahah), this is a band that you know for sure as in the genre is quite appreciated, I see them live years ago and it was absolutely epic, a great mix of post rock and screamo, amazing atmospheres and a great big sound, in live I can really feel them in my chest.


Hey. I‘m very happy I was able to show something new to you with Et tu Brute. They are pretty much precisely what I enjoy in Screamo.
Envy are truly one of a kind. After all they‘ve put out I consider them their own category by now. Very high level musicianship with impeccable productions. I envy you (pun intended) for having seen them play live. I almost had the opportunity to see them live in Japan when I joined Straightlines Japan Tour as a Merchguy and Stagehand. Unfortunately the gigs weren’t scheduled in my favor.

Since I didn’t post anything yesterday there will be two entries today. The first would be Burn her letters. A rather lo-fi Screamo band (compared to Envy at least) from Turkey. I haven’t heard much of them in the scene although they’ve put out 3 albums. Their screams are gut-wrenching and the lo-fi production (I think it was a rehearsal room take) adds a special charm to the overall delivery. I like this particular song very much especially because if it’s…mood of course :grin:

The second suggestion is a pretty well known one and finally my first German entry. They are one of my three favorite Screamo bands of all time. Those three would be early Hot Cross, Raein and todays band Danse Macabre. My most beloved release from them is their split with Am I dead yet. Everything I like in Screamo is so perfectly on point in those songs and the unconventional style of drumming is particularly my thing. I can also see my self very much in their lyrics. Reading them felt like the author and I lived each other’s life. I‘m pretty sure you know them already since they‘ve had a huge loving fan base. If not, man…you are in for a treat…

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Amazing suggestions today, man see Envy in live literally bring you to another dimension it was a proper experience more than a gig, it’s a shame you did not had the chance because it really worth it, I think they are touring again every now and then! Agree about the production and musicianship, they have some of the best album produced in the whole genre, musically there is a lot of care for details, as a classical musician if I have to write a score about Envy music it will be full of dynamics marking, a very impressive job in every album.

I loved how raw burn her letters are (love the band name) they reminded me Eva-01 during their first (and I think only) demo, that was such a good French band.

Danse macabre are a real classic, I love them and I agree with you with all you say, at home in Italy I have the cd of Synkopenleben Nein Danke and the split with Her breath on glass, very hard album to find, wish I had also Am I dead yet! Is such a classic.
In Synkopenleben nein danke the guitar riff in Eine Schwalbe macht noch keinen Sommer (I had to copy and paste the title ahahahah) are incredible emotional and I remember the first time I listened the track that name the album I was like “holy big f’@~#”, it was like a slap on my face, never understood their lyrics sadly ahahah but the music itself speak, such an amazing band.

Today I just want to take a stop from the skramz to go to a genre that stay in the same area but is very different at the same time, is emo but is not at the same time.
I would like to share my favourite singer ever from when I am 16 y/o, Jeremy Enigk from Sunny day real estate.
For sure you know Sunny day real estate, I have no doubt on that but I always had a more soft spot for his solo project, it happened with his Christian conversion, I am not a fan of religion but his music put me in a different path or better a different way of thinking about it, song writing is beautiful, romantic and poetic, some vocals lines and instrumental are straight outta paradise, I think Jeremy is unlucky that he can’t properly enjoy his own music because he wrote it, I am fighting to see him live and I am basically about to take a plane to America to do it very soon.

I wonder how is possible that a man with his voice and writing skills never became famous, probably he has been very unlucky because I do really think he is special in many ways.

I leave here my favourite pieces from his solo project, he has also another band called The fire theft but I am more affectionate to his solo stuff and Sunny day for obvious reasons, also when he plays live in acoustic the songs from Sunny day is heart breaking.

And here in this absolutely crazy live, this is so damn beautiful, I love when it happen that the musician get lost “in the zone” where is just music and anything else and at the moment you are not even playing the song anymore but just living it

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Thanks for recommending Jeremy Enigk again. You mentioned him before but I somehow just glanced over it. Sorry for that and thanks for posting those songs. Yeah, he definitely is a very talented Singer/Songwriter/Musician and an exceptional good singer. His voice is soft and yet very powerful. I wonder why I never heard of him. With talented artist like him I always wonder if they‘ve chosen themselves to intentionally flying under the radar of the more mainstream sphere so that nobody interferes with their creative process. Or maybe this level of authenticity only appeals to a specific core of audiences which than hold it very dear to themselves. I don’t know for sure. With Singer/Songwriters and also with the whole more underground music (like Melodic Punk/Alternativ/Post-Rock/etc.) I often come across exceptionally great artist. What they all are sharing in my opinion is that as a listener you have to take your time to understand what’s going on and sometimes gradually feel yourself into the song and lyrics. It‘s not easy to just consum that as just another product. Appreciation, empathy, time, multiple listenings are needed to fully enjoy their work. Well, that’s at least how I guess I feel about it.
From those songs you posted I mostly enjoyed ‚The long wait is over‘. It had a subtle experimental touch to it. I like that very much. The live gig was also great. Especially towards the end when his voice is on the verge of breaking and all the musicians around him are equally as engaged as him.
Besides Screamo and Hardcore/Punk stuff I also enjoy Experimental, Neo-Classic and Minimal Ambient music. So today I‘ll post something in this direction to also stray a little bit away from Screamo for this time…

This melody is somehow beautiful and haunting at the same time. This piece has such a melancholic touch that most of the time I don‘t know if I feel sad or happy because of it’s beauty. I also very much appreciated the video. I love Japan and specifically the architecture.


From Pittsburgh, PA circa 1999-2001. A supergroup of sorts with members of Dodgin’ Bullets and xDisciplexAD.


The live video is insane man :open_mouth:


Yeah, that gig definitely looks insane. Being in that crowd must have felt like the song title suggests.


I think in some cases people choose to stay in the “shade” or maybe just famous in a nice, a lot of people do not care about be famous they want only to play/live with music and it’s fine like that, think about the band Mono, they just live playing shows and on the road and they are absolutely insane, I see them live in London, I believe some sort of doors from the paradise opened up when they was playing lmao, it was absolutely epic!

Or maybe this level of authenticity only appeals to a specific core of audiences which than hold it very dear to themselves.

This is really possible as well, probably I like it so much as it spoke with me but also not good for a “mainstream” radio and similar, which is sad but I believe it’s just the world we live in.

I did not know Akira Kosemura, I am finding more song, this one it is really beautiful, I am listening more on youtube now, it reminded me a little bit of the band Toe, I do not know if you know them, the live with Toki Asako of Goodbye is absolutely beautiful, in some ways match this type of vibe even if become more “alive” around the end.

I go back with the screamo today as it is monday, I have sore throat cause London is -5 degrees and I am at work, so I am not happy lmao.

Today I go back in Italy, with a band that was killing everything couple of years ago, they did couple of album one better than the other, great flow and sound, great aesthetic and ideas, really liked them from the first piece I heard.
Sad I never seen them live


Only have been to two punk shows in life, first was the casualties second was the murder junkies. The second show was a good point for punk and I to part ways. Repsect to the genre but not my bag overall.

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Hey Hey.

Toe is absolutely awesome. I love their album ‚For long tomorrow‘. It’s so good from start to finish. I wish the song ‚Two Moons‘ could be the soundtrack to my life.

Through them I found the band ‚The Cabs‘ and got more into the whole Math-Rock genre. I‘d recommend their song ‚Skor‘.

The drumming is so nice in that one. The Cabs also have some more Screamo type songs (I already posted one of those before).

Shizune are great. I like their style pretty much. They remind me of Pianos become the teeth. I‘m pretty sure they also listened to Shizune.

For today I also come back to Screamo…full force. One of my favorite tracks of all time! I‘ve never seen this band on any sampler or split so I actually don’t know how well known they are. But they are certainly worth sharing.

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Great answer, about Toe, this one is a hell of a live

I knew The Cabs, I have a friend absolutely obsessed with Japan and use to pass me all those kind of bands, I have to be honest, for how technical they are and they sound good, all those bands sound a little bit the same but I can understand as it is possible to say the same for a lot of screamo bands.

Seeing Means More killed me, what the hell, did not know them, the breakdown like in metalcore was very unexpected lmao, great big sound, loved this track, very original!

Today suggestion are Old Gray, probably you know them already, in the same kind of style of Pianos Become the Teeth, love this whole album, is a good mix of emo and screamo like the revival that happened around 2012 on going, sad to see that also this wave is completely died basically.
I remember listening this album a lot when out, it was quite refreshing, I have a copy of it as well in real life, I did miss that era of screamo.


Such a beautiful Toe gig. The level of passion is just off the charts.

Yeah, right? The combination of all those influences is pretty unique in my opinion and really compelling. Glad you liked it.

I actually didn’t know Old Gray. Such a shame I missed out on them. There’s truly some Pianos become the teeth in there but at first listen to me it sounded like an awesome mixture of Merchant Ships and a little bit of La Dispute. The lyrics delivery is very emotional. When the line ‚It’s not that I want to die, I just want to disappear‘ came within the second song it broke me there for a little bit. Very nice recommendation, thanks.

My band for today is Caust with their EP ‚Page Turner‘. Beautiful and heartfelt band playing everything Screamo. I really like them. I also think they are quite well known which is very deserved. Favorite song is ‚A Smokers Lair‘. I hope you enjoy this one too.

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Hey Hey, what’s up? Hope you doin‘ fine.
Another day, another band…
This one is also a favorite of mine. I know I keep saying ‚it‘s my favorite‘ but my tier list keeps changing on a daily basis. I listen to all bands I chose to post before I do so and I‘m rediscovering all those bands anew. With some of them I forgot how incredible they are to be honest.
For today I choose Dawn Treader. They are a very special and very very underground Screamo band. Maybe you know them though because Screamo enthusiasts hold them to very high regards. The style, the voices, the skill, the talent, the variety and their overall approach are pretty unique in my opinion. There isn’t very much information about them though. I read years ago that they only were selling their records at live gigs. No merch and no distro what so ever. I don’t know if that’s true or not but since I never came across any merch items or records on online record stores it seems plausible. Maybe that has changed at some point though, I don’t know. I also heard that at some point in their band history there were 13 active members who could fill in the spots at their respective instruments. Each and every of their songs is pretty varied in itself and there are always surprising elements. Their music is hard to find on the internet and the only complete record I found was an EP. So I‘ll be posting some individual tracks.

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Early 1980’s Boston punk…


Awesome tracks, man! Especially SS Decontrol. That delayed drumming is epic.

I grew up on lookout stuff. Groovie Ghoulies, screeching weasel, Mr T Experience, I was lucky living here in San Francisco used to be a great place for punk rock

Anyone remember Project 86 ?


Not particular this band but other bands in the Nu-Metal genre like P.O.D., Korn and Linkin Park. Nice but short lived Episode in alternative music history.

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