Post Hardcore/music with Metalcore Vocalists


So, im wondering if anyone else on the forums
Does vocals for a band that’s Post hardcore (EX. Of mice and men or bands like that)

I dont sing/scream for a band, but more for fun with my friend!

She is an amazing singer.

So, anyone?

I dont usually scream, but i do a lot in my higher register.

I drum to post-hardcore a lot

Any favorite Bands?

Of Mice and Men, Upon This Dawning, As I Lay Dying (I know, it’s metalcore, but still)

I do more inhales like what a lot of Dethcore bands like We Butter the Bread with Butter does, but the low ends.

Screaming? What is this screaming?
Screaming is the sound your little sister emits when she stubs her toe
Screaming is the sound you yourself make whenever you hear your favorite yoyo ding on the cold, harsh, unforgiving afternoon concrete

No, I listen to darkness. The spine tingling, ear bashing experience that is Heavy Metal. It lurks from the shadows, and strikes unknowingly ignorant sheep-people to their death. Ears bleed, as with the tempo of blood lust. Yes I listen to metal.
Not. Freaking. Screaming. Please take the time to watch the following.

American Metal- (Second is one very great introduction to what I listen to)

Shoot me straight for the sun.
I want to be, the only one left.
Misdiagnosed condition
Burnt beyond, RECOGNITION
Sink her straight through the floor
She’s not breathing, anymore!

Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man
Is either a fool or a coward, whoever cannot take care of
Himself without that law is both, for a wounded man shall
Say to his assailant, “If I live I will kill you, if I die you are forgiven”
Such is the rule of honor

Broken the paradigm an example must be set
Invoke the siren’s song and sign the death warrant
This is what has been wrought for 30 pieces of silver
The tongues of men and angels bought by a beloved betrayer

I am the result, what’s better left unspoken
Violence begins to mend, what was broken
You’ve been talking, I’ve been all ears

Words meant to dwell in darkness shall never see the light of day
Words can be broken so can bones, execute the mandate
Mouth full of dirt your name is removed from the registry
St. Peter greets with empty eyes then turns and locks the gate

I am the result, what’s better left unspoken
Violence begins to mend, what was broken
You’ve been talking, I’ve been all ears

Cheaply venal, stupidly verbose
A slip of the tongue, a slit of the throat
Six feet under with no marker
Keep my name from your mouth forever

Free speech for the living, dead men tell no tales
Your laughing finger, will never point again
Omerta, Omerta sing for me now

With just a flick of the opal banded finger I will throw you into a
concentric mental decline. I control your elation, I control your
depression. I take as I wish memory, clothed in a raiment noir. (I take you
under my black wing.) I take you under my dark wing and nurture you in hate
to dwell forever in a Maison Blanche. Purity through corruption, who am I to
blame when your basest instincts are realized

Melodic Metal-

Let your mind be blown

The main thing I have to say is, Children of Bodom is Melodic Neo Black metal, but still, good point.

Well, then what would yo consider False chords/power fry?

i mean, i guess i was just using the commonly referred Phrase.

haha, sorry if that irritates you!

Ill change the title to “metalcore vocalists”

Just say Inhale/exhale

It makes life way easier…lol…I love All that Remains, though

Well, Inhales and exhales are different i agree.

but the thing is. i don’t inhale, just find it hard, and im not a huge fan of the sound.
So i dont know much about it

But Exhales however, have many forms, such as Falsechord and Power frys like i mentioned.

so its kind of hard to categorize it all as “inhale/exhale”

as you get so many sounds from each.

Like say, Austin Carlile’s Power frys, sound NOTHING like Phil Bozemens Power Frys.

just curious, you said you inhale?
Id Loove it iif you could post some of your work? :smiley:

Im trying to get my little solo project going…Funny thing is, I do both Inhale and Exhale…My exhale has gotten worse, thoguh, due to the Inhale…I used to do great gutturals, now they sound like Boltthrower if they sucked…lol

Haha, well, i do All styles of Exhales

i find with Highs, that Power fry is more favorable due to the pitch

and With lows the false chord Growls sound sweet.

my mids however are a different story.

its difficult to eplain, but it feels like a mixture of frys and falschords.

almost like a fake Fry.

do you fry or falsechord?

I did deep lows, Like Necrophagist. I never heard those terms before, to be honest…then again, I’m old school.  here’s an example of what I did, but I got really low when I was good at Exhale.

Ahhh, you do Falsechord.

well, thats called falsechord

heres an example of power frys

hear the difference?

OKAY, that makes sense now…False Chords being more burgled, so to speak, like gutturals. Where the Power Fry sound less unnaturally distorted…I think? I hear it, just hard to explain for me. Good link, btw…I love some of their stuff!

Sweet! :smiley:
id say, Falsechords are Heavier, and deeper sounding. more full. Stronger for Lows/growls/Pig squeals

whereas Powerfrys, make louder more pitchy sounds, while adding the vocalists voice for uniqueness. better for Highs for sure!

They rule! :smiley:

so combining the noise is like, pitchy distortion with voice, its rather hard, but you should try learning it!
maybe, we could make a cover of a devil wears prada song? haha

I love my Deep ended Kill the children style metal…lol. I grew up with Origin and Dying Fetus, they go LOW as the depths of Earth, and I love how they are still fairly clear for that level…The only peeps I know who should be high but do way low are the Japanese BDM bands Gorevent and Infernal Revulsion…They are Brutal! Like Whitechapel, but more so.

My post got minimal controversy…

Well, i do understand what your saying, but by saying

im sure more people would understand what i mean, you know?