Post Hardcore/music with Metalcore Vocalists

OMG are you a pranking type?

Do some growls to a drive throuch
then at the window speak with a high pitched voice while retaining a straight face.

the look you get?

I’m tempted to…lol. I can do Faces of Straight, trust me.

Pierce the Veil?
Sleeping with sirens?

Those are not male voices.

Well, i honestly dont care.

I listen to em just bc i like em.
my music taste is very wide.
yes, they have high pitched voices.
But its still a good voice.

i dont judge by looks, or any of that, if i like the sound, i like it.

Who cares?

But im just really open minded haha

Dude, call it singing. Call it metal. Call it whatever you want, free country.
Screaming is more like modern day stuff, I can only really listen to bands that formed before 2006 or 2004

neither is Arch Enemy…yest she sings lower than most males…By a lot

its REALLY hilarious!

its honestly so funny
sounding like a demon on the speaker thing

and them hearing a 7 year old girl in person XD

I’m not insulting them, they just aren’t quite… ‘heavy’

ahh, well, they still technically are in the post hardcore genre
So, i will be mentioning it.

In fact, ill be covering king for a day, which is a collab of the 2.

Any cannibal corpse fans out there? :smiley: ;D

Only with Chris barnes…I don’t like Corpsegrinder as much


Deicide, SlipKnot, Evanescence, Cannibal Corpse, Burn the priest, Lamb of god, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Blood Lust, Dimmu Bogir, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom… And my “chill out” music is kID cUDI :wink:

I know I am 15, and I have already gone past the ‘‘rebellious’’ stage, but I gave myself a lamb of god tattoo on my back leg.

They are my all time favorite band, ever. I met Randy, and Mark gave me his stick (I play drums, he is my hero)

BTW, I do not like old arch enemy. Only when Angela stepped in!

Same, Angela was way better…I listen to lots of different metal

You liked Submerged in Boiling Flesh, right!?

AND you like megaman/metabots.
We would be good friends

OH MY GOD Slipknot for SUREE

I prefer old Slipknot…Like, first two albums…But Im WAY too mixed in Flavors…lol. I love Car Bomb, I love Meshuggah, and Tosin Abasi is my guitar hero…Drums it has to be Vitek (RIP)

Wait and bleed is my all time favorite.

either of you 2 listen to Japanese metal?


I mentioned Gorevent and Infernal Revulsion earlier…yes…some