Post Hardcore/music with Metalcore Vocalists

So, uh…
Am I the only one who has done a black mass, and signed my soul to Satan?
(serious question) :l


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I love Satanic Black metal, though I am Jewish…I want to go to one, just to be truly cultured, since I accept all religions.

Infernal Revulsion - Dead but Breathing

Enter Shikari ,HORSE the band ,Sky Eats Airplane ,Close your Eyes ,and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas are some of my favorites.

And Chelsea Grin…and Suicide Silence, back on The Cleansing, the only Great album they had, and of course, Whitechapel.


Happy Hanukkah, and I LOVE deicide. Pretty sacrilegious stuff right there

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is it Hanukkah already? Crud…As for utter sacreligious, I love Slayer, Burzum, Darkthrone, Swordmaster, and all sorts of others. Like Sadistik Exekution. Love em…though they are more just BA then Satanist…oh well.

3 insane Bands

Discovered SS
After Mitch passed though…

I discovered my Favorite Drummer, Vitek of Decapitated died on my Birthday…A year after it happened. I listened to them since 2004…He passed 2007…I am so sad every birthday, to an extent, when I listen to his stuff on the drums.

Found these while I was browsing craigslist for bands that need a drummer. I think its fantastic

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3 words

August burns red





Speaking of Sacrilege and etc.

Suicide Silence - Unanswered

WHERE IS YOUR GOD!?!?!!?  :stuck_out_tongue:

did someone say sacrilege

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So, Abbath of Immortal does Bear calls…apparently.

And this is Funny as heck, referring to the Church Burning in Norway.

Altar is one of those old school Dutch DM bands…Covering the infamous Trooper.