Who else does Screamo? CALLING ALL METAL HEADS

Hey Guys!

im wondering if anyone else screams, or istens to Meatl
or Screamo!

and what are your Favorite Bands?

me its
Motionless in White and Black Veil brides FOREVER <3

and Japanese bands i LOVE
Dir en Grey and The Gazette!

My bro listens to metal we took him to mayhem fest

I really want to go to warped! Omg

I love black veil brides, asking alexandria, iwrestledabearonce, and I set my friends on fire. And more but I just can’t think of them right now. I can also do a little bit of screaming myself also

Enter Shikari and Horse the Band are my favorites ,but I do enjoy Sleeping with Sirens ,A Skylit Drive ,Sky Eats Airplanes ,August Burns Red ,My Children My Bride ,and allot of other bands.
As for Japanese bands ,my picks are Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ,One Ok Rock ,and Sim.

Awesome! i love One ok Rock!
They rule!
i think Remake is my favorite!