the punk and metal thread

I’m not trying to start an argument, I’m trying to use my acquired knowledge to educate. It seems that lots of people have trouble differing between punk and metal music.

The really quick difference in a chronological sense is that The Ramones started punk in NYC in 1976. Whereas the Sex Pistols started the UK punk scene very soon after (literally like a month)

Metal is a tricky one to pin point. Lots of people call Black Sabbath the first Metal band and they started in 1969.
I, personally consider Judas Priest to be the originals. They started in 1970 to my knowledge.

If you listen to the four bands listed above you can easily spot differences. The Punk bands are more concerned with speed, and aggression than actual skill or technicality. Punk is almost always about having a point or humour. Whereas metal is epic and is usually metaphorical or satanic.

If the song is fast, loud, and political then it is most likely punk. If the song has big guitar solos, an epic singer , and is about a dragon, then its deffinently Metal.

Skip forward to now.

I personally am into the ultra pure versions of each genre. When you break down the genres, this is what you end up with:
Punk - Rebellion, anger, loud, aggressive, sloppy, chaotic, short songs, to the point, un-pretentious, political, self-aware

Metal - Epic, loud, satanic, brütal, guitar solos, awesome drumming, double kicking, aggressive, can be pretentious, often lengthy songs



Both styles of music have many distinguishable sub-genres, the most important ones are listed below in a short list:

Punk: Crust, Skacore, Hardcore, Crossover Thrash, D-beat, Psychobilly, Street Punk, Anarcho, Melodic Hardcore

Metal: Death, Black, Doom, Power, Metalcore, Thrash, Sludge, Symphonic, Heavy, Melodic Death

To show the diversity of each genre I’m including these two songs:


Power Metal

If anybody wants to include awesome punk and metal songs, I welcome them.

I really want to educate people who  are interested. I by no means am saying that I’m an expert, but if anyone has a question I’ll try my best to answer.  ;D

in your labels you had satanic under the metal catagory, but what about august burns red, early underoat,and of course for today. all christian mtal bnds. i do however agree 100% that pople need to understand the differences between metal and punk

I do not personally acknowledge Christian Metal as a genre because it goes against the style. But if you like it, then that’s fine. It’s all personal. ;D

There is also lots of Satanic punk (my band for example is anti-christian). But its all good whatever makes you happy

no problem, man

Whenever I listen to christian metal (or rap for that matter) I start laughing. It’s just ridiculous.

Anyway, I’ve been listening to lots of dio and older black sabbath albums recent. Good stuff man.

I don’t get that.
I have some christian metal and I don’t see an issue with it. The lyrics really speak to me, the sound is amazing, I don’t get whats to “laugh worthy” about it honestly.


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to whom it may consern, jake elliot, what if someone decided to laugh atyour ideals? people always say that christians are judgemental yet we have people like you that laugh at pepe expresing what they believe? saskabilly said he was in an anti-christian group, however, he did not say that christian music is humerous

Christian metal is a double edged sword to me. On one hand it gets people interested in heavier music, but on the other hand, its not “pure”. But like I said, if it makes you happy and appreciate metal! Awesome.

I should actually change my opinion. There is Christian Metal, just not Christian Death Metal. I should’ve clarified that. When I think metal I usually think Death Metal. The reason Christian Death Metal cannot exist is because its a paradox… you can’t have a Christian screaming “rip out you guts, slice out your neck, next time you think, about respect” Haha.

I’m glad you found metal that you like. ;D

The reason I do not say anything is because I let my lyrics voice my opinion on this topic. And if you don’t want to hear, then you don’t have to. It’s all about respect, I don’t want to hear gospel preaching, and you don’t need to be told negative things about religion. Live and let live, if you truly want my opinion, read my bands lyrics. ;D

I’m not saying that i have anything against Christianity, or any religion for that matter. I just find metal and rap, two very stereotypically ‘anti-christian ideals’ music, to be a rather unorthodox and ‘silly’ medium for people to express their religious views from.

Perhaps I put it too harshly, but being Condescending was not the intent.

In short, I laugh at the apparent irony, not the conveyed message.

i see what you are saying, and i am done ranting. but the truth behind it rap is th evolution of the very religious gospels sang by the slaves

I found this funny.

Regarding Christian Metal, I find that funny too, since humor is often derived from the unconventional, and that’s what I see that sub-genre as. There WERE dragons in the Bible, y’know.

I don’t listen to a ton of Metal, since I don’t really like overly aggressive instruments and harsh vocals. That being said, I do really enjoy Dream Theater, though. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s considered “Progressive” Metal, right?


I saw them open for Iron Maiden last year and was not impressed. So overly pretentious. It was literally… solo, solo, solo, solo, solo, solo.

But, they are talented, they just need to focus on writing together. ;D

I’m glad you found some Metal you enjoy!

Thanks for the clarification!

Two of my favourite metal bands would be Fear Factory and Emperor.

Just curious - what’s your take on old skool black metal. A lot of it was purely aggressive - angry, frustrated kids trying to play as fast as possible (often quite badly) and trying to sound as harsh as possible. Any punk connection there??

Speaking of black metal, Saskabilly, if you don’t already listen to Mayhem,you might enjoy them. A pure, original(imo) black metal band

Oh Saskabilly, how disappointed I am with you. No Thrash? Its ok, I’ve got you covered, HAHAHA!!!

Haha Mike. In the first post I listed both Crossover and Thrash Metal.

And you provided perfect examples.

Anthrax is Thrash Metal… its rooted more in epic solos and vocals and leans towards the metal side of thrash.

Whereas Municipal Waste (on of my all time faves) is crossover thrash. Crossover is a genre based in punk and adds some metal elements to it. Usually short, to the point with political lyrics.

Thank you Mike

I love Emperor. I like old school black metal. It’s very close to aggressive punk music. I like the drumming, vocals and the satanic overtones.

I also like symphonic black metal bands like, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Dark Tranquillity

Oh, and how can I forget ST…Shame on me  :smiley:

(Language Warning)


I’ll post more thrash





I dunno man, most of their album work seems alright. I guess the only albums I can think of that have long or back to back solos are Systematic Chaos and Train of Thought.

I like their inclusion of the piano, especially in Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence. I enjoy hearing an instrument that might not be common, or even right for a metal or hard rock group. Seems really unique to me!

I like the constant continuity nods and the idea of the meta-album, too. Seems pretty composed if you ask me :wink: