This song is so catchy!!!!

Listen to this song:

Please post links to other catchy songs!

I have it memorized…one of my favs

deadmau5 “hi friend” the most awesome song here

how can u listen to this? it hurts my ears

Haha, the easiest answer is because I like good music. Punk music doesn’t hurt my ears, it makes me want to break things.    ;D

Same here :confused: Metal really isnt my style of music…

hehe lol, like what?


HOLY CRAP! that’s not metal. How in the heck do you think punk rock is metal… wow. Some people.



Now why is that so hard to tell the difference between metal?


I really am sick of people calling Hardcore Punk, Crust, and Thrash bands Metal… seriously, its not hard to tell the difference at all.

Both genres are loud, and angry, so if you really are not listening then you probably just throw them in a lump together. There is a HUGE difference and it offends either party when it is mixed up.

Please be more careful in the future

^ It’s really not a big deal… He made an honest mistake. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s annoying because sooo many people make that mistake. To me the difference is like apples and oranges, they aren’t very close but they are a little similar

song isn’t catchy to me

back to catchy songs…


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