A bit of my perspective on music

I was watching a video recently by a famous “Musician” and it got me thinking. In the video, he says he is always trying to figure out what the kids are going to like, what is going to be the biggest hit. Here is a perfect example of why our current music industry, to put it lightly, sucks. Current artists (Well, the famous ones) only care about selling copies of their next song, and don’t care about producing a quality record or song. Heck, people don’t even buy records anymore, they just buy the single, or pirate it.

Another thing to consider, most musicians do not listen to the popular garbage you hear on the radio. You don’t see the school band or orchestra or whatever going around listening to Nicki Minaj. The true artists are often pushed aside and left in the shadow by those who are actually passionate about what they do. True artists write write meaningful pieces and don’t care about selling out to record companies. They tend to last a lot longer in the industry too, and generally aren’t one-hit-wonders.

I really don’t know why I’m posting this, I guess I’m just so pissed off at the current music industry and the amount of talentless garbage pumped through it daily it finally just got to me. I mean seriously, “the Fox” just entirely proved my point.

One last point before I rage-quit, many local bands have more talent and more passion about the music they play (And write, which is something pop stars should learn) than your favorite pop stars.


“the Fox” was entirely meant as a joke. The comedy team that wrote it is as surprised as anyone at its success. :wink:

I agree with much of the rest. When a so-called musician says, “I want to write something that my kid and all their peers are going to love,” it seems like a pretty shallow motivation. And I don’t even mean in terms of selling records (although that’s possibly what the artist in question meant!). I mean even if you say it in a sincere way, “I want to write music that young people can dance to!” you’re hardly approaching the level of craft that I wish there was more of. What happened to “I want to write music that moves people,” and I don’t even find anything wrong with the outwardly selfish-seeming, “I want to write music that I want to listen to.”

There’s room in this world for bubble gum music. I like a lot of it myself. That Katy Perry “Roar” song is a guilty pleasure of mine right now. :wink: But I just wish there were MORE artists doing music that you can sink your teeth into. It’s not the existence of the junky pop that I’m against (heck, the Beach Boys and the Beatles wrote their share of junky pop!), it’s the imbalance… there’s such a lack of music that challenges the listener; or (since it exists in small pockets) at least it’s sad to see that such music hardly gets worldwide recognition.

I know that “The Fox” was a parody, that’s why it proved my point. Also, I guess I see your point about a balance. However, many artist need to branch out too. For me, as a musician, the type of music I play can entirely depend on my mood.

sorry, but I really cannot believe that. I mean, it has all of the things that a viral video needs:

crazy “funny” lyrics
generic electronic beat
made in a foreign country (just think- all of the viral music crazes are from other countries now…)

I think that The fox was meant to be a viral sensation. I could be wrong, but that’s the way I see it.

No doubt they hoped it would have appeal. Nobody puts in that much work (writing, recording, video) and wants it to go nowhere…!

But you cant plan “viral”. If you could, you would see a lot more of it.

“Hey, let’s make a viral video!” – if only that worked, it would be the marketers’ dream.

  1. Over half the bands Listen to almost no ones knows. Or when they do they know very little
  2. I’m not allowed to listen to Katy perry or lady gaga.
  3. I can’t stand music on the radio these days it absolutely sucks.

Sometimes I want something to just groove to, sometimes I want something with soul-searching lyrics. I just listen to what I think sounds good, whether it be pop, rock, or something else.

10/10 rant, WildCat23. Give quoteunquote records a shot, seems you might enjoy their ideas and music.

I’ll look them up.

I listen to [i]dubstep[/i]... [i]You probably never heard of them[/i]...

But yeah it’s weird seeing Pop take parts of Electronica and put it into their songs. It’s just lacking the soul it has when someone really cares about the style and isn’t just trying to follow the next music trend.

Don’t get me wrong I like some pop but I’m pretty bitter toward most of it.

I am the entertainer and I know just where I stand,
Another serenader and another long-haired band
Today I am your champion, I may have won your hearts
But I know the game you’ll forget my name
And I won’t be here in another year
If I don’t stay on the charts

I am the entertainer, I’ve come to do my show
You’ve heard my latest record, it’s been on the radio
It took me years to write it, they were the best years of my life
but if your gonna have a hit you gotta make it fit
So they cut it down to 3:05

I am the entertainer, the idol of my age
I make all kinds of money when I go on the stage
You see me in the papers, I’ve been in the magazines
But if I go cold I won’t get sold
I get put in the back on the discount rack
Like another can of beans

-Billy Joel


Weird, i thought “pop music” stands for “popular music”, as in what is popular now, so there is no wonder pop “musicians” use elements of elecronic music (like wubstep), because they are POPULAR.

The music sounds really off to me not the idea that they would move on to the what people are getting into.

Time for me to join in here.
Pop music. That term is controversial.
I guess Hip hop was popular, so thats why it was called pop for a while. I wonder what the actual term for the mainstream music is.
Hmm. Most of it seems to be Garbage. Thats a fitting name.

Honestly, i listen to a lot of K-Pop. But my heart will always belong to metalcore and post hardcore.
Both are commonly referred to as “screamo”
I would use these songs in my videos. And I have.
And I got some negative feedback. So I stick to Kpop.

Its kinda sad how some music is looked down upon. I get called some nasty things etc. Due to it.

I can’t agree with you more on this. I got the new Pearl Jam album that just came out, it’s absolutely amazing. I really love the complete album, but no one at my school even knows they’re still playing music…

90’s-present is just a progressive decline in the noises people like to hear/ a progressive increase in the amount of all people wanna hear is about how love is about one-night-stands and doing drugs and getting drunk. it friggin sucks.

i dont get people

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