One Direction Thread!

Any other Directioners out there? Post anything 1D right here! Please no hate, I truly like One Direction.

The only direction 1D is headed is backwards.
Boy bands are getting worse and worse.



No comment…

I really dislike the idea of boybands. Even the Beatles.

Dude no

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__< Really guys…

If you don’t like them leave the thread be.


No it’s okay.

But… but if someone likes something we don’t like… we have to make them feel bad… umm… right?


This is meant to be a joke… Right??

I hope so…

I love how this thread is full of people who are mad that someone is happy with something that they don’t like.

It isn’t worth anyone’s time to direct negativity towards something just because they don’t like it. You are just giving it more attention polarizing the fans and critics even more.

So keep on with the 1 Direction thing. I am not even sure I have heard a song by them, but keep on keeping on dude. Don’t let these people put a damper on what you like.


I don’t understand the hate. I don’t particularly like One Direction, but of all the boy bands I’ve heard, I like they’re music the most. They’re not too bad.

My kids dig it. Beats most of the crap on the radio.

Wrong direction

Are you a musically oblivious 8th grader?