Which song of the two is better in your opinion?

okay i need help. please pick

Train- Hey Soul Sister


Rise Against- Behind Closed Doors

Rise against is more of my style so that’s who I pick, but I do like Train: Hey, Soul Sister too.

If we are talking yoyo freestyle, cancel out behind closed doors immediately, way overused.

Otherwise, I actually still like hey soul sister more.


Both are terrible songs. Try something good

Agreed. soul sister is overplayed and sounds whiny. rise against is just to generic


this is music, my kind of music
Kamelot is my favorite band of all time. Their songs are just poetry to my ears. also if read their lyrics, it kind of is poetry.
Slipknot is just awesome
Mercenary is just gorgeous

I recommend going with :

Judas Priest
Guns n’ Roses
Van Halen
Ted Nugent
Jimi Hendrix

I Love Metal And Rock…So…Yeah…

To Get To The Point , I Say Go With Rise Aginst


Come on guys just because you don’t like the songs doesn’t mean take a jab at him, you could of said you personally don’t like these songs then give your suggestions but don’t say they suck. Music (To a point.) is just personal preference. I mean I don’t like your kind of music but I don’t go to your music threads and say that music sucks go listen to Daft Punk… I mean if someone came to your thread and said your bands suck, go listen to some Lady Gaga how would you react?

Try to be nicer in future posts guys, I mean we are all yoyoers here…

This is how to go about it.

I’m sorry. But, its my duty as an ACTUAL musician who plays real music to expose and punish the fake garbage that distracts people from expanding their minds. It’s my job.

Real musicians are found in bands like these:



Don’t worry. There’s a pony for that.

Back to the topic:

if this is for a yoyo freestyle, go with the song that you can be more creative with.

I’m just curious, do the pony’s represent friends you wish you had?

Wow, honestly? It seems most threads that deal with music, become arguments because some people can’t accept the fact that others have different opinions. :-\

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(why did I start cracking up when I read that? anyways…)

If only I could post that picture here…

Time to love and tolerate you.

again, anyways, pm someone if you wish to parasprite everypony. I’m not doing this anymore. Can we just get back to the topic?

I agree. You got mad and posted dumb pictures while I was on topic

Its your opinion Saska, don’t try to force it on everyone else.

Just talk about the music the guy is talking about, is that such a difficult thing to do?

For you to call that garbage is a major parasprite move by the way, you don’t know how much time the musicians put into their creations, there is actual talent behind it, Its not like a bunch of people with no musical background at all who can’t even read music or play basic stuff say “lets make a song and get famous.” As a musician you should know what has to happen, and you should respect all musicians for their craft, wether it be someone on a violin, a band playing punk rock, a DJ behind his turntables and computer, a full orchestra, or the vocalist with his guitar,

Its all bringing music into the world, and for you to say one such creator of this is creating “garbage”, is downright awful.

It needs to be said.



I know you think you’re being the good cool guy by saying that load of crap. BUT let’s use the songs he posted shall we?

First is that POP garbage, Train… “hey, soul sister” hmmm… why would that song have been made? Oh… um RADIO SINGLE ANYBODY? absolute garbage. The song is uninspired and the lyrics aren’t actually about anything.

Let’s see Rise Against now… they are an MTV version of ‘punk’ , no different from Sum 41 or Good Charlotte. They are a great example of what a sell out is. They had good lyrics and spoiled them by making them more suitable to the public.

I’m not saying EVERYTHING has to be what I think is good, some people can’t handle real music. But come on… the radio doesn’t have to dictate which bands receive support.

I don’t like the fact that I have to be a jerk and seem intolerant in order to show people good music. But it has to be done this way. Destroy the fakes and long live true music

So I don’t offend some people I will say “waste of time” instead of “garbage” next time.

And to answer the multiple choice question at face value :

Rise Against is a little less crappy.

ROFL. pwnt

Oh so you are going to lash out at me and accuse me of saying garbage?
Real big of you, I wasn’t trying to make this turn into something it didn’t have to turn into, you made it this however.

Your comment on hey soul sister, do you know for a fact that the song was created without any meaning and uninspired? I wonder about the actual writer of the song, I can assure you that time and effort was certainly made. Just cause the lyrics aren’t something you can understand doesn’t mean that they are uninspired garbage, look at some of the music from artist like sufjan stevens, matt and kim and animal collective, truly great artist who have real meaning behind their music, but they are open to interpretation as their lyrics might seem often nonsensical to many.

Unless you can show me the actual writer of the song saying "I wrote this for nothing but radio popularity and money, I did not put meaning into the song, I say you have no right to say what you are saying.

And I refuse to say that any music artist is “fake” as you seem to think, while its true that some individuals are just products of big spending and popularity, behind every song is a writer and an artist, wether you like it or not.

Everyone is a musician, hating on artist the way you seem to be is like hating on music itself

Sorry if you disagree, but whats there is there.


yah, you dont get it and never will because you dont play in a band and try to make a difference and spread ideals of an anchistic society. but hey, thats okay.

and btw, i answered his question,… i dont believe you have. you’re ACTUALLY defending Train. i know you dont see how insanely pathetic that is