Which song of the two is better in your opinion?

I may not play in a band, but I do have a high respect for all musicians, I have been raised a musician since I could speak and have put many hours and lots of time into getting better, I have done shows in the past and if you think I honestly don’t “get” music and the art, that is very very wrong.

Also, I helped his question by voting and not recommending Rise against as that song is overused in the yoyo scene (although Im not sure if he is asking for something yoyo related, but I threw it in)

Also, I’m not defending train exactly, it could be any random band or artist that you could have spoken in that same way, and I would say the exact same for them, I don’t care who, I would still have the same response.

I don’t think its getting anywhere debating this with you though, We will just have to agree to dissagree.

On that note.