Good songs to do for a HS talent show?

Ha, got ya didn’t I? You thought this was another one of those threads where people ask for music to use for their yoyo routine. lol, you should know me better than that. I have a different inquiry…

Although it’s not coming up for a while, I would like to start picking songs for my HS talent show for me and my “band” to cover. No, I do not want your pop songs, hip hop songs, christina or mariah songs, or cliche talent show songs. I’m particularly looking for something high energy of the rock, alternative, or hard rock genre. We don’t want it to be a song that is like overplayed popular but just popular enough to where someone might say, “Oh, I think I’ve heard that before.” Like the Arctic Monkeys would be a good example of that. We want to win so we don’t want to do something obscure or unheard of. Also, we can’t do anything that has language or is provocative as I go to a christian HS and don’t want to get yelled at, haha.

My “band” consists of 4 people… two guitarists (one of them does vocals), one bassist, and me-- the drummer. We’re pretty good musicians so most stuff should be pretty easy.

So, if you know of any songs fitting my guidelines, put them up here! I’ll probably bump this thread every so often as the talent show continues to approach.

Thank you very much my musical compadres!

Have you looked at the band Black Country Communion? They’re like a modern Zeppelin band. You should check them out

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Thanks man, and you’re right! They do sound like a modern Zeppelin haha. They’re pretty good!

Well, for MY generation and the one before me, it might be considered “too popular” but for a crowd that’s only high school age right now? Might be able to get away with…

Monkey Wrench by Foo Fighters

So energetic. Vocalist needs to be able to growl a bit, but otherwise vocals aren’t insanely challenging. Drums might actually be one of the trickiest parts. :wink:

Pretty dang good, thank you very much, I’ll definitely suggest that! :slight_smile:

They might not be that popular but Fake Problems has some rather energetic songs. Ex. Souless and Heartless the electric.

Motion City Soundtrack also has some good songs but you may need to watch for language.

can’t go wrong with a classic  :wink: I’d be stoked to see this covered

Rise Against maybe?
The majority of their songs don’t curse…

You’ll never win a high school talent show with Institutionalized! Flippin’ great song, though.

New Found Glory has bucketloads of accessible “California Punk” (they’re actually from Florida) type songs that could work. “My Friends Over You” has a message pretty much any high school student can dig. :wink:

Sorry about the “dated” references. My knowledge of current music isn’t all that bad, but I’m drawing blanks. :wink:

NFG is my favorite band of all time!! I’ve only seen them twice, both times in in San Fran(we live in Nevada) the first show was amazing! it was their pop-punk’s not dead tour. the second was at Warped Tour, which was a fail since we went on no sleep and everyone was smoking weed. their set was jam packed you couldn’t mosh or move at all! kinda really sucked. ANYWAYS a New Found Glory cover would win any talent show, cause if you can pull of Jordan’s voice, then you deserve it!

Maybe a TDG song? However, you might want something more musically challenging if you are trying to win a talent show

One word- Metallica.

(or you could try something by King Crimson, but nobody can cover them.)

My band probably could (Not to boast). We did a rush song pretty good after less then 7 hours of rehearsal time. I can find the video if you want.

I wish my band didn’t have the attention span of a 5 year old. I haven’t been able to get them to do anything.

Hmm. Try RelientK, capital lights or I just wanna run by the downtown fiction. Maybe

‘Tom Sawyer’ by Rush. Or anything by Rush, really.


even “roll the bones?” lol.

Actually, Tom Sawyer is an extremely bad choice. You’d need a band overflowing with talent to pull that off. If you are gonna go Rush, do something a little easier, like Limelight, or BU2B.

Maybe some plain white t’s? There album “all that we needed” that pops up is some good alternative songs that are fairly easy to play.

Actually, Tom Sawyer isn’t too difficult. their most difficult stuff is from Hemispheres.