your favorite song to yoyo to

i know this has been a post befor but i couldnt find it but anyways mine is calabria by drunkenmonkey

The time (dirty bit) by the black eyed peas

Blood Money (entire album ) - Tom Waits

The rhythm of life.

blah blah blah by Ke$ha… yea.

seventeen years-ratatat 8)

The Reward is Some Satisfying Chords, a Deadmau5/Benny Benassi Mashup. :slight_smile:

Rise By Flobots :smiley:

totally stole this from bomb squad but mr. rager by kid cudi


Skin O’ My Teeth by Megadeth.


Poorboy Lover Megamix
The ‘Say Word’ Mix
Lobster and Scrimp Mix

About an hour an’ a half right there.

Your a jerk -New Boyz

Anything from Alive 2007 by Daft Punk except Touch It/Technology due to the profanity. :frowning:
And most any thing by Red.

I like the Dv888 video music. Where can I get it? I know it has a vocal version but it has profanity in it…

Whatever songs I am currently addicted to…right now several songs by The Black Keys.