(Owen) #1

So Im looking for a song for a video im going to be making and I’d like to hear from you guys. I’d prefer it’d be instrumental/techno, and if it is techno dont suggest that death metal techno crap. Thanx dudes. OH, and please dont suggest Gramatik or Ratatat.

EDIT: Think chill techno beats much like what Trace posted. I might actually use one of his songs but you got till Saturday to give me a better song.


Radioactive by imagine dragons

Starting over by macklemore


Upside down by bassnectar

(Owen) #4

ALSO, preferably not super mainstream songs lol


Pacifica (Casting Shadows Remix) by Spor


That’s pretty wide…  Do you want it fast?  Slow?  Pounding?  Fluid?  House, D&B, Dub, Hard/jumpstyle, Ambient?


Here’s some of my favorite chill beats.


Forest Swords


(M.DeV1) #8


would harsh noise,dark ambient or industrial/ industrial metal, dark psychtrance work
These are the dark side of electronic Music
Also don’t call death metal crap(because it’s my favorite genre of metal),really just say you dislike it or I don’t what any.

Harsh noise-

Dark ambient-

Industrial/industrial metal-

Dark psychtrance-

(WildCat23) #10

Dream Theater - 6 Degrees of Inner Turbulence

Besides the fact that it’s a 42 minute song, the Overture is pretty epic.


(Owen) #12

Well, its crap to my ears, so I call it what I hear when I listen to it.

Trace hit the kind of techno I think works best for yoyo videos/casual listening, TamOcello and M.Devi also got the right idea. So think chill techno beats that wont break my ears.

(kclejeune) #13

Try the song I used in my surge video. Royalty free… I can send it to you if you want the full version. (2:33)


Its not really techno but its awesome:


That was amazing…


I think these fit into that sort of chill style as well:


Minimum Electric Design:


Not chill techno, but it’s so awesome… just… so, so awesome…

(kclejeune) #18

Ooh Monster by meg and dia is a good one.


Ravers in the UK


Warp 1.9 by BloodyBeetrots