Song Suggestion


This question is only for my viewers. Based on the songs I’ve had before, what do you think would be good for my next video? (The video battle one) I’m looking for instrumentals, and I need it quick cause I want the video up today!!!



Oh- Welcome to The Black Parade imstramental or violin quartet thing…

And where that Tut!?!?

(JonasK) #3

Do you want something similar or something new? I am a musician, so I’ll help out a bit here.

Personally, I would have gone with some early Depeche Mode. It’s “fitted” for yoyo videos in my opinion. Then I’m talking about the Speak & Spell period. Something like “Just Can’t Get Enough”, “Photographic” or “New Life”. Note that these will be songs that might show up in videos that I might make make, just so you are warned.

If you want to use music similar to what you have used before, I guess you want some rock. If you want to stick with The Killers, you can do that, but you should try something else first and see what you like. I get the feeling that some Muse might fit you. “Maybe Time Is Running Out” or "Map of Problematique. You might want to try “Baba O’Riley” by The Who as well.

If you want to step away from rock, then you might have to step outside your comfort zone. You can try some 80’s if you want to, and then I’m talking about real 80’s, the cheesy electrical stuff (I already mentioned Depeche Mode). You can also look up some electric funk/techno like Daft Punk or you can dig into Earth, Wind and Fire (yes, seriously).

If you want to use rock, but still be different, you could go over to more heavy kinds. If you want to go heavy, you will have to dig. Heavy metal isn’t played on the radio that much, so you will have to look up artists. Panthera, Opeth and Mayhem are just a few.

Addment: You can shock a lot of people by using “Spirit In The Sky” By Norman Greenbaum. Note that this song is a christian/rock/gospel kind of thing.


if you want Rock sitll with that Electonica that pheenix mentioned i recommend Justice, they have some great songs and are amazing. check them out, i think you might like some of their songs like Genesis