I Need Some Good Yoyo Songs

Im running out of good songs to use in my yoyo videos I like electronic music and make sure all music is clean

Now give me some songs

Fun if you can keep up.

Here are some that I enjoy throwing to.



Anyother suggestions?

Any other songs?

Just posted a better music to throw to reply

Anything by infected mushroom… Vicious delicious comes to mind.

ok thanks

Techno song players unite

Jack Johnson’s newest album is pretty good to yoyo too, I also enjoy yoyoing to the Avett Brother’s new album.

Queen is also a fun time to yoyo to haha

I like throwing to Lecrae. He just came out with an AMAZING album (Church Clothes 2).


Am I the only one who think Chase Hadden’s songs are all pretty meh?


this on is from the anime rwby dont have link on me but just youtube RWBY red like roses


Skrillex’s Good Feeling mix is fun

Trippy by antiserum , michael kurti used it for nats and for the slower player no diggity by blackstreet is a fun song to throw to , clean version of course and when i practice i throw to chase haddens tracks on soundcloud

also try this will be the day, its another song from rwby