Yoyo Music!

Which music do you guys think is the best to yoyo to? It can be a genre or specific song.

EDM all day everyday


Here is a song everyone can yoyo to.

Come and Get it by Kreawlla.
Dirty Vibe.
Fantastic Baby by Big Bang.
Alive by Mind Vortex.

Noisestorm-breakdown VIP
all the time

Alive - Mind Vortex for sure! Its my favorite song

I yoyo to Eagles the most.

Technical death metal

Darude Sandstorm.

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Hotel California is my go to trick making song

i have really liked these songs recently…


^^^^all made with their mouths, no editing or whatever^^^^

Opera :wink:

I thought this was a good match, but then, I liked the song before I saw the vid:

Try Monster Cat! Its is really good! Gentry used Pegboard Nerds and Tristams Razor Sharp in his worlds freestyle.

Falling In Reverse. Lots of good beats, and melodies. And just all around diverse music. I yoyo to them all the time. again people… Falling in Reverse