Good yoyoing music

I need some good yoyo msic for a final at a states or regional yoyo contest.
I am trying to find something but was not sure how not search it.

If you’re into Charles Haycock (judging by your bio) check out efterklang or Arcade fire.

The Beatles are the best yoyo music out there, you can go through thousands of bands but you’ll never find any better than this. ;D


Thanks but kind looking for something faster by a little

Once again the 3 golden songs. Alive by Mind Vortex. Come and Get it by krewella and Dirty Vibe haha.

kdrew-bullseye, downlink and excisicion- crowd control, kill Paris-I’m free, GRiZ- you’ve got to change, Cherokee-take care of yourself. Hope this helped! ;D :smiley:

How fast? A good way to find songs is find a freestyle that is similar to yours and use the song they used or have used in the past.

Use the remix song of From Falling in Reverse- Rolling stone
Its a fast pace, sort of mixed. Perfect song to use when yoyoing…

There is the song. Give it a listen

Alive- Mind Vortex, Alone Together (Remix) - Krewella, You Had It- Hamilton

Alone Together (remix) is so good to throw to. I can’t play quite that fast yet though.

I’ll say it again… Falling in Reverse

dont yo-yo to that super techno electronic crap. everyone does.

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if you’re into quite erratic and yoyo friendly rhythms like arcade fire, check out some of RX Bandits recent stuff meow meow space tigers got a really solid rhythm but then a great breakdown to allow for some tech , i was gonna use it for a vid but took a surge to the cheek so taking a while off