Yoyo Music?

I am going to start preparing for an upcoming yoyo contest. I am looking for music and my top two picks so far are Come and Get it (Krewella Play Harder Remix) and Alive (Mind Vortex Alive / Arc). The only problem is I have some tricks I want to do that are slower and less speed / techy, so I am looking for a song that is slow in some sections and faster in others, so it will help me with both of these aspects. Thanks for any help!

Combine them and use both

What Iori used. I think it is called Together Forever Krewella Remix.

Fallout boy- Alone together krewella remix
I suggest something cashmere cat. Suited for medium pace. Unless you’re sure you can push higher speeds I wouldn’t suggest a fast song.

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You could always play to two beats instead of one, if that made sense.