Song for Freestyle


Do you guys have any suggestions??

I listen to rap when I throw…
But contests don’t allow us to use any song with swearing and soemthing like that…
And I don’t know much about music…
Maybe you have any suggestions for me?? But I prefer rap… Maybe a clean rap…
With fast beat…


(M²) #2

Personally i hate rap. For yoyoing i prefer songs without words that just have a nice melody.


There’s no rap, its all instrumental, sort of bleepy sort of stuff…But if you like what you hear, use what you want…I can send you some new stuff if you want…Let me know!

(M²) #4

techno’s nice.


You can search the net for Instrumental or Beat Tracks. Some rappers will release their music without the vocals. Just not big commercial releases so a lot of people don’t know about it. I know of one off the top of my head but won’t post their name here cause it’s inappropriate.


Dude if you like rap but want no swearing you’re probably gonna have too go with christian rap preferably manafest the best rap for that category but it’s still pretty bad in my oppinion.


Or you can buy clean versions. its what I did for some contests, and many other people do.


Or buy some Will Smith…

(Yo!It'sMatt) #9

Jazzy Hiphop.


Awesome! Nuff said


Gone by switchfoot is fun to yoyo to, even know it’s not rap.


what about city escape? not a real song, not rap either, but its good, heres a link

(M²) #13
Dont ask me why all the techno song videos on youtube have anime charectors. Personally, techno is kinda boring by itself, but it’s kinda nice to yoyo to because there’s no lyrics.


Ratatat has some nice songs, too…

(DOGS) #15

Anything by RJD2 or Wax Tailor is alright in my book. Some have lyrics, but it’s mostly sampling.


Pick Up The Pieces

#17  <-------mad hip hop to yoyo to and most of it isnt very vulgar