Ribbon and Catnip and Me



im gonna be honest here, the song made me stop watching after about 30 seconds. I know everyone has their own taste of music so i will say no more.

This kind of comment is probably one of the worst and most useless and annoying kind of comments I will ever see on yoyo videos.

There is no need to point out one’s hatred of any music used in someone elses video. Like you say, its the persons own preference, we all have our likes and dislikes. When you go into someones video just to point out a dislike for their music choice, what are you expecting to get out of it? Are you hoping that the video maker will have some sort of “revelation” and change their music for all future yoyo videos to something more of your liking? Or are you hoping others will agree with you and comment a little “way to go yeah!” to make you feel like a greater individual? I hope neither is the goal, as that would be completely ridiculous. But I do wonder as you made such a comment without any comment on John’s actual yoyoing, which is a low move in my eyes.

But anyways, I’ll comment on the actual video and not whether I like or dislike the music choice (which for the record I didn’t mind at all).

Loved seeing your progression over these past few months. You definitely have a very unique and completely original style that is refreshing to see. You are of the age when allot ok kids like you are throwing down hyped up contest style genereitech stuff, and to see someone of that same generation and age doing something totally different and true is awesome to see. Its your own style and its legit.

Thanks for sharing, and ignore the haters. :wink:



Not sure what my motives were when i posted that. Usually i keep to myself about things like that. I was going to comment on the yoyoing, dont know why i didnt. Sorry about that.

It was definitely refreshing seeing some new style in your yoyoing and in yoyoing in general. I enjoyed it thoroughly after watching it through again.

Nice one! Keep that up, and you’ll have Indy States in the bag!

Wow! Thanks guys! Josh ,that really means a lot, and honestly, I understand why the music choice was weird, but when I listen to a song that inspires good tricks then it’s only natural to use it. haha Well, I’m very happy to know that you all think my style is unique, and I love it that way!

With much love… I will keep making my tricks this way. <3

Yay! Ulmer does awkward happy dance


1:40 - You’re doing this trick with all kinds of string going all kinds of places, and then sort of pinching it to the sides and I’m like, “where’s he going with this?” then SABLAM! Surprise GT on the pinkie. So cool.

i have to agree here… you really should think about how you want the video to be viewed and interpreted… you have to make a reach out to all audiences and some things (music or video effects or speed - i’m referring to all kinds of vids on yt - just turn people away)…

i ultimately muted the video and watched the rest with my own music ;D you got some skills man… nice tricks :slight_smile:

people post videos in this forum-section to hear feedback and opinions on both yoyo skills and video-making skills (or at least that is my understanding of any video section on any general forum on the internet)… he voiced his opinion… you shouldn’t be so quick to penalize,


The music made me both grin and cringe at the same time much like a really cheesy pun. I love puns so I guess that’s a good thing. The yoyoing, on the other hand, smiles all the way. Love your flow, man. Good stuff.


Dude, EPIC throwing!!!

Video making skills, but this was not a showcase on video skills, it was a showcase on tricks.
If it were a big production with multiple angles, lighting set up and whatnot, maybe, but even then, calling out music choice is just a desperate plea to be noticed.
I think we are better than that here don’t you think? :wink:
I used to get hate on my video music choices all the time, and I tried to change for people, then I realized that I wasn’t enjoying my videos due to this.
Now I learn to ignore such comments and block people who leave such on my YouTube channel. Selfish? Maybe, but when our own personal progression ends up being hindered experience wise by opinions of a loud and ignorant individual, there is something wrong.

Just keep being you and do what you want to do John, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, you got a uniqueness that I would hate to see disappear.



Awe, thank you!

I am aware that the song I used is weird and not pleasant to the ear. Actually, that is one of the prime reasons I picked it. It made a statement in my mind, even if it did make us all cringe, including me. haha
I was actually listening to it when making those tricks, so why not? Along with my tricks, I enjoy making my videos unique and individual. In my mind, individuality is a key aspect in enjoying yoyoing. I also think enjoying yoyoing makes you better at it, of course, but my point is, me being different is what makes me enjoy my yoyoing. I thought the song was funny and cute. It suited the mood I was in. I’m glad you all enjoyed my tricks, and I have a large taste in music, so I mix it up when I feel like it. haha

Don’t everyone get your pickle in a knot all at once.

Josh, I’m sure as much as you hate it, people have opinions. Let them voice them. More hate was generated from your comment than from throwrw’s. He didn’t mean say it in a hurtful way and John seems ok with it, so what’s the harm? Personally I didn’t care for the music either. It’s not that palatable to North American ears.

I thought the tricks were really nice though. I’ve never been one for very intricate string wraps, but it looks pretty sweet. A bit of constructive criticism would be to smooth them out a bit. It seems that with a few tricks you paused for a second before continuing.

But great vid :wink:

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Thank you for the feedback. I’m working on smoothing them out, and hopefully I can do that. XD

I thank everyone here for all their feedback. We all have are opinions and I love to hear them all. I think it was really nice for Josh to say that for me, though. <3

Also, we all can still have different opinions. I think having your opinions being heard is important for emotional and spiritual growth. If disagreeing with another’s opinion is your opinion, then I see no problem. As long as it doesn’t turn into a heated argument or flame war then all of our thought are free to be shared. :wink: