Punks not dead…it’s just resting….

I didn’t want to take up space in rate the band/musician listed above you thread…

Wow …say punk is dead and everyone gets their panties in a bunch….
I can say Gangster Rap is dead…that everything now is just a pop copy of a copy of the origins of gangster rap….that classical music is dead…I’m sure folks still write it…and I’m sure it’s very nice….but its such a derivative of what’s already been done….
I can say minimalism is dead…how far could you go after a blank canvas….?One note on the piano…?
Jackson Pollock, god bless him…! threw paint on a canvas…can I do that…?
Look at my name…popdada…pop-art and Dadaism….can I really be a Dadaists…no I can’t….I didn’t live through WWI…so I can love Dadaism….and be influenced by it…but Dadaism is dead…. It died with the people who started it…all I can do is copy it….I don’t tell people I’m a Dadaists…or that I make Dada art…
All art movements are framed by there time…and there place in history…Everything after is pop culture….

Saskabilly_Psychosis your band is just what you say it is Awesome Canadian Psychobilly…and it is pretty Awesome from what I’ve heard…!

Punk has been dead since the end of both Reagan and Thatcher’s terms in their respective offices. Most if not all groups were geared towards complaining about these two.

The Ramones are total boy band status (that’s right I said it) as were the ess ee ex pistols. I’m not saying they are bad as they are far from it but that’s how I see it. Depending on your location worldwide “punk” happened at different times. It happened in Perth (that’s in Australia) later than it did in the UK for example.

Your take on styles of music like Classical etc. are skewed slightly. Remember there was no Internet nor was there reliable global communication like we know today. One could quite conceivably write a style of music decades after someone else that you would consider the death of but in their geographic region it may have been the new thing. The instantaneous world we know and love today is not the world of even five years ago. I’m not saying your wrong I’m just saying you need to look at it from the perspective of the time in which it occurred.

Coke-a-cola is every where…so is Mc Donald’s…have been for a long time…radio pick up signals from far and near…I see what your saying…but think about this…the second the Taliban was chased out of some small Afghanistan town…people pulled tape deck and radios out that they had hidden for years…and pop on some good-old western music…Just because the timing is off…it just makes it sub-genera….Afghani post-pop-punk…

Ah sub genres, the silver bullet of the music industry. Everyone wants to be their own unique delicate snowflake. So they use these made up sub genres. Just because you make your own sub genre doesn’t mean you’ve started a new movement. With instant everything now we have homogenized ourselves. We live like tract homes now. The attitude is “I am unique” and this is far from the truth. Country music is still country music even if it comes from Afghanistan. If it’s different enough to be distinctly not country due to a middle Eastern influence then we call that “world music” not neo-afgani-jihad-Islama-extremist-disco-badlands-Billy. Whether you are listening to Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, or Schubert it’s still classical music.

Music can easily been summed up the same way as obscenity. The phrase “I know it when I see it” comes to mind. I know punk when I see it, I know a turd of a genre they call music when I see it.

I look at all music and art movements as a virus…it quickly morphs into sub genre after sub genre till it hits pop and then it’s just like the Spanish influenza…and it kills everything in its path…I have to disagree about the Ramones boy band status…at the time there was definitely more there…till they became a cartoon of themselves…I would call the Beatles a boy band sooner…and critics make sub genres more than a band does…the band still want to believe they are more than that…part of what made the Sex Pistols what they are is the fact that they were used and exploited….and to stupid to realize till it was to late…That’s more punk to me…than “hey lets start a punk band” the second you say that you’re not…especially with something like punk…punk was just a label…thought up by Malcolm McLaren…

POST: neo-afgani-jihad-Islama-extremist-disco-badlands-Billy…I’d like to hear some of this…!

If you just called punk a turd, then we have a problem sir.
Also I need to point out the little snowflake remark. My band calls our genre “Doombilly”… now, to you that’s stupid. But, it sets the tone for our sound… and also. Find 1 other band that sounds like us. You won’t be able to.

And punk never died, it evolved, but as with evolution, some things still remain anyway. My band is a punk band and im proud to say that. Listen to our lyrics in any song and you’ll understand.

And as for sub-genres, they are there for a reason. A psychobilly band doesn’t sound the same as a crust band… so therefore we have subgenres.

And anyone who calls the Ramones a boy band needs to quit listening to music immediately

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I was calling rap a turd but didn’t really want to put anyone down. I grew up listening to DK, Crass, Citizen Fish etc. I have really cool (and morbid) parents. They let me drive a hearse in high school, encouraged me to wear whatever I wanted including a kilt and to have hair that made me look (not Scottish) like a mental patient if I wanted.

Anyways back on topic. If something evolves and there is nothing left of the prior species it is not dead. It would be extinct. People shout “punk is dead” at me all the time. I shout and yell, “explicit yeah”. The primary reason is I don’t want to instigate a nun-chuck. The second being I don’t really care. By the way should people know what your band sounds like when you tell them what it’s name is? When you are a sub genre of a sub-sub- genre it just gets ridiculous. I’m sure your band is freakin great but people should recognize your name not your sub tho the thirtieth power genre.

People use their own sub genres because they don’t want to be labeled. This can be supported by the “unique and delicate flower” syndrome.

Yes that’s right, punk is dead,
It’s just another cheap product for the consumers head.
Bubblegum rock on plastic transistors,
Schoolboy sedition backed by big time promoters.
CBS promote the Clash,
But it ain’t for revolution, it’s just for cash.
Punk became a fashion just like hippy used to be
And it ain’t got a thing to do with you or me.


Punk isn’t dead, it just got heavier faster and louder.

Although you don’t get much faster and louder than DK or Minor Threat, and they’re from 30 years ago

I believe that was written in '79

You guys need to really read those lyrics. He’s referring to mainstream music. Not underground punk. He’s saying there’s a difference

Marilyn Monroe 1926 – 1962

Dadaism 1916 - 1922

punk 1974-1980

Van Morrison
R&B…Jazz…Irish Folk…

The Waterboys
R&B…Jazz…Irish Folk…Van Morrison…Progressive rock

Stagnation and death…
Counting Crows

Is there a snooze button to this topic? :smiley:

Why’d you post that stuff in a thread about punk? Anyway…

Actually punks end is still TBA.

As long as there still are people like me, it will never die. How would you know if It’s dead? Just cause you’ve seen The Ramones? No. That doesn’t give you grounds to say its dead. I play in a Punk band, I support the scene. I’ve been playing punk rock for 9 years now, and it is not dead. If you say it is, then you were never a punk, and you never will be. Stop claiming you know something about it when you are obviously not a part of it.

You’re not helping the Punk scene, you’re only getting in It’s way. Thank You

Listen to “Still A Punk” by D.O.A. Joey has been part of the punk scene longer than anyone.

I’m dead, your dead, we’re all dead here!!!

Oi! Oi! Oi!


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Just an example of music trajectory…. I can do it with most bands…
You can call your band punk all you want…and you can believe in your heart your part of the punk scene…but your not…you are post-punk…that’s where punk stands critically …as in post…that means done…dead…over…after-punk… I’m just stating a fact…if your band released a hit album tomorrow the critics would call you post-punk…
Punk lived in a social, economical and political time in the past… Those condition no longer existed…there for…post…is this really that hard to understand…?
Reinvent to the time it took place…now a life-style choice…

you do realize that saying “punk is dead” is in its self a punk rock think to do. bottom line, punk is what ever you want and not giving a **** about what anyone thinks.


Lol you’re about to start a bromance from which there is no end.

I <3 u Mikie!

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