Amateur Yo-Yo Photography

(Peter Watt) #673

A few from YoyoFactory.


Fancy! How are you doing the reflection?

(Peter Watt) #675

A glass surface and a low(ish) angle!


Very nice. I can never tell if reflections are done with Photoshop (or the equivalent) these days!

(Peter Watt) #677

I generally try to avoid using Photoshop and just color correct (and remove blemishes) in Lightroom. Here’s a few similar ones of the Smashing Yoyo Company Mystery Box yoyos I got this morning thanks to @chaosgow


You can get a pretty clean reflection with lighting and the right surface. I haven’t had the need to photoshop a reflection yet.


What’s the trick to getting them to stand on the rim at 45 degrees like that? Remove support in photoshop or something?


I’m just reallllly good at balancing things.


Ok. Spent the last hour trying to balance all of my yoyos and all I got is a bunch of dinged up yoyos now. Need more practice I guess.

(Peter Watt) #682

I guess a magician never reveals their secrets… :mage:‍♂


(psss, try some thin fishing wire, or invisible thread from magic shops)

(Jordan Blofeld) #684

Those are lovely. Thank you!