First video in a Long Time

Hey guys,
I’ve been wanting to make a video for a long time. I noticed that a web store was holding a video contest and decided to take the opportunity and make a vid. I asked a friend to let me borrow a camera and was able to get my hands on a Canon 7d. Yay!
Anyway here it is. Please share the video as much as you can, the most viewed video gets a prize :smiley:
Also any feedback is greatly appreciated

Your tricks are great, gave me ideas for a new trick ;D

One thing i didnt like about the video is the lighting. Your background has this glare that makes the yoyo string difficult to see. Just find better lighting, or add better effect. other than that i love the camera angle, tricks, and the slow motions. Good Job man

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Make more videos man!

Your tricks are very inspirational to me.

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Thanks guys! I’m glad you like it

Yeah you’re right. I didn’t notice the glare until after shooting haha. You learn something everyday!

Well the contest is over and I need so much views. Please view and share this video with everybody. Thanks guys!

Awesome tricks and editing. The shirt looks good too :wink:

Aww thanks :slight_smile: