Anyone ever try yoyo photographer or have any photos of them yoyoing? Most the time its all about video but it’s cool if you can capture a single moment on a frame. We was doing a little motion project and my girlfriend decided to get me yoyoing. We did high contrast black and white just for fun. Here’s our result:

Share your photos too!

sick! :o

Oh, thank you! :slight_smile:

This was taken while trying out my new lightbox.

Nice. 2 flashes or strobes?

Sort of. Right now I am using a pair of desk lamps with 26W CFL bulbs in them

My mum makes jewelry for fun and she wanted me to take some picture of it and I made a light box out of a shoe box and covered the inside with A4 paper, I used the flash on the camera as well as a craft lamp with a daylight bulb in, heres some pictures.

The pictures are a bit big but hey!

Links are broken.

the pics don’t come up.

Sorry trying to sort it out now

how do you insert picture from iPhoto, can’t seem to figure it out?

The picture has to be on the internet. To do that you will have to upload it to an image hosting website. is a quick one. Then right click on the picture on the website and click “Copy Image Location”. Then paste that between image tags like this:

your image url here.jpg

not really taken photos of yoyoers, im more of a still life photographer myself, hers a few of my yoyo related pics! hope u like em!


Now that is the sickest photos I have seen in a while

sickk pics

thanx man! ;D