New light Box


My first shot with my new light box. Please give feedback was not shot with my DSLR that comes next. Also included a shot of the 2 light boxes and the setup so far. Putting the small light box on the large is not a good idea. Not very stable and had a light on top the fell off, still works but was scary.
IMG_0492 by L my Bs, on Flickr
IMG_0497 by L my Bs, on Flickr


Okay, that is a very good first shot with the new setup.  It takes a while to get in a rhythm of what works best.  But, the trial and error is well worth it.  For those who are unfamiliar with those type of boxes, the fold down flat for storage, so they don’t actually take up much room to own.  I do not use the front covers of my boxes, I leave the front open entirely.  Check here for some cool tips…not sure if you’ve seen this thread yet.  When you start practicing and looking for feedback, you can post up here.  You invested in a very nice setup:,54372.0.html

IMG_0507 by L my Bs, on Flickr
All of my nickels
IMG_0504 by L my Bs, on Flickr


Wow, that is looking so good!! You chose the right background color for those too. Raw or nickel are difficult with a white background. That looks awesome!! That box gives you plenty of room too, which is great.


Pink is super hard to photo. Any tips, the light was reflecting off it real bad too.


Hmmm…It looks good actually, the glare is not too bad at all. But, make sure your lights are shining at the sides of the light box, and not through the hole in the front. If you’ve done that already, you may want to try repositioning your lights around until you minimize the glare. You can set the lights in different angles and further back from the box. Also, try different poses of the yo-yo, which will show glare with varying degrees. Professionals use posterboard and so on to deflect light in different directions, but I usually don’t even attempt that much effort. Another tip is to slide the yo-yo deeper into the box, and move it around in the box to minimize the glare. You will probably find a better position. Take lots of different shots, from different poses and positions in the box, and you should get some good shots out of the bunch. Also, try a different color background too…it may change the results. It’s trial and error a lot of times for me.

Looking good so far!! :slight_smile:


Praise His noodly appendages!


Not a bad start, but there’s not a lot of contrast and dynamic range. The pictures are a little “flat”. I can’t help wondering if the camera is compressing the dynamic range… stopping the bright lights from ‘blowing out’ the picture while at the same time not allowing the darks to stay dark enough. The end result is a little less flattering than you were probably hoping for.

You might not need to wait for the DSLR, though. Have a read through your camera’s manual and see if anything pops out. There might even be Google tutorials for lightbox techniques using point-and-shoot cameras.

You’re on your way, though! You get to experience the joy of starting a new hobby all over again!