Amateur Yo-Yo Photography


Here’s my current 2a set. I thoughti might try my hand at photography…


I love this picture. Makes me wish it was winter again.


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Figure since so many other topics get necro’d, this would be a good one to bring back with all the awesome yoyo photography everyone posts. So here’s my first contribution, a CLYW Peak 2 sitting on top of a Star Wars puzzle. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite throws, and I’ve only had it for a day.


Oh yeah great please bump the other photo topic, I just spent 3 hours cleaning the previous one up. Let’s just get all up in this again. Get ALL UP IN THERE!

Also @bobian your photobucket account appears deleted? I can’t recover things that have been remotely deleted, sadly :sob: also @BokehJeremy many of your Flickr images have gone missing :frowning: and @beherenow your imageshack account is missing too.

Have I mentioned how much I hate photobucket lately, and for that matter, low budget “free” off-site image hosting in general? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Furthermore, linking directly to Facebook images doesn’t work at all and breaks 100% of the time after a day or so, those are all long gone. Instagram is a more recent phenomenon as cameras basically sucked on phones until 2012 or so, anyway as a result of this recency, those images tend to still be there… assuming people haven’t deleted their account, oh and of course they disallow hotlinking because they’re owned by Facebook who are legendary jerks about everything that it is possible to be a jerk about, but you can manually download the images if you really want.



OK, all images that can be fixed in this topic, has been fixed. There’s some REALLY good info on photographing yoyos in here, mostly courtesy of @Totalartist so I highly recommend jumping to the top (click or tap the topic title at any time to jump to the top, or press the home key on your physical keyboard if you have one) and giving it a quick read-through!

If you don’t, you’ll miss the rap yo-yos… and the rock-and-roll yo-yos… there’s some real :gem:s in here.

Thanks for pointing this out @shatterFX if you find any other good topics that need help… @ me, your faithful forum janitor!

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Another one using the Star Wars puzzle. It was out still and figured it could make for some fun shots.

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Wow you have quite the collection there good stuff!!!

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This Smashing Monocle definitely has the classiest packaging I have come across so far. I actually had bought this on the BST from someone, but they said it was basically brand new, and must’ve sent it to me the same way they originally received it.
Apologies in advance for the barrage of photos, and for having already posted the last photo on other topics.
Smashing Yoyo Company’s Monocle


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That yoyo/string combo is perfect :heart_eyes:

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@codinghorror does this black yoyo/ white string combo do anything for you?


It’s OK, a bit boring for my tastes, but I am not a solids person in general.

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I actually decided to make my own amature photography box. I think the box works great, I just need to work on my lighting

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I like the blue background, cool shots!


Not bad at all for first shots! How many lights are you using? Some basic white printer paper is an easy way to help diffuse the light where it’s a little blown out.


ImageShack died long ago for me. I think I pulled several of this threads photo’s into an Imgur album here:

Nothing put into chronological order etc., sorry, just dropped in the album.

Memory lane on seeing these again! I had so much fun! Shout out to everyone who participated, TA who started it, and everyone who will keep the thread going from the Necro.

I have an old laptop drive or two stuck somewhere with the rest of the photo’s. I’ll add them to the album if I ever dig them up and they work.

EDIT: So I saw this piece of cake by my user name. What is that? Well, turns out by dumb luck I decided to update the pictures to an album and link it here on the same day I joined years ago! LOL.
Thanks for the notification @codinghorror.


Shiny Allure…


Awesome thanks for updating here!

I loved those old photos, it always pains me when cool stuff is lost… so glad to hear it was not! :beers:

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I did’t take it, but I love it. Perfect shoot