Amateur Yo-Yo Photography


The skull is actually a bead you would put on a bracelet or necklace I guess. :slight_smile:


Wow, that is pretty sick. Great photos. The skull really set it off too haha.

I’ve been determined to work on my white on white photos. Often I have a white yo-yo or raw yo-yo that tends to blend right into the white background. But, I still want the white background. So, I’m getting a bit closer to figuring out the lighting to make it happen. In most shots, the wheels on the carriage would disappear because they are the same as the white background. Now, I have at least been able to maneuver the lights so that the wheels are still visible. It’s still a work in progress. What is working best for me now is lighting up the background, but not the item itself.

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^Great pic TA

the back wheal doe’s kinda blend in with the white backround out it turned out pretty nice.


Yeah, not quite there yet, but almost…it’s getting better though. :slight_smile:


As you have already seen, it all comes down to the positioning and brightness of your lights. Learning how different light positions work is an important first step. This isn’t a bad place to start learning:

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I put my Glow Northstar in one of my Moms plants.


Nice photo Erik. I put my Too H.O.T. in the bush in front of my house yesterday.

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Cool. The flowers match the Splash almost perfectly.


Yeah, I pulled up in the driveway the other day, and wondered what throw would match those flowers before they all fell off the bush. I knew the TooH.O.T. was the perfect match. Scary how close it is. :wink: I should get outside for shots more often.


I haven’t put this down since I got it. Another yo-yo depicted as a human character. I call this “TooHOT Sweating 'cause it’s TooHOT.”

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^Cool TA.


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^Thats really good BC I love how the yoyo and the multi tool are perfectly in focus but evrything else is blurred out.


The top is slightly out of focus on the key. Thanks!

We call blur in photography “Bokeh.” (Bow K EHH)

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Did you custom paint that multi tool?


Yeah bro :stuck_out_tongue:

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It looks really good.


Weird ish photo :stuck_out_tongue:

Over Exposed but still a goody!

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^Yea that top one is weird and cool at the same time :smiley:

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I had my Wooly Marmot 2 out for a photo shoot today. :smiley: