Amateur Yo-Yo Photography


I threw my camera, quake, and some lights under some sheets and BAM.

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^That’s a really cool pic Logi


Thanks! I really wanted to do some slow shutter speed stuff!


I can tell the focus is right on the rim…very creative. :wink:


Excellent!, thanks for putting the thread back on track!


Speedaholic in darkness…


^ It’s so mysterious…intriguing. 8)


Black and Orange

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Silver and Gold.

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One of the guys who woks at the local game/yoyo store started making his own paracord holsters. And they were selling them at MN states yesterday.
So I bought a red/white/blue one to match my Avalanche. And now I’m all set for 4th of July


^ that’s sweet!

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You all earned some thank yous in here. Photos are looking great. Everyone is stepping their game up. Kitebug’s orange really “pops.” Beherenow’s Shutter looks so classy and amazing. I love Erik’s holder matching the Avalanche. So glad he’s having fun with that throw. I think it found the perfect home. BC, nice job showing the Capricorn in a different look. I’m waiting for it to warm up around here. I’m hoping to get out of the light box more. I love something about this one I did recently, so I’ll post it up here. I admit that I sought out that bip bop so I could capture it in a photo. That’s when you know you’re hooked. Photography never gets old.

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^That’s a really cool bip bop color.


Spring time and heavy winds knocked plenty of blossoms on the ground from the tree’s.
<right click - view image> to see full size

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Wow that is really cool. I love how the splash on the toohot matches the blossoms.


WOW and there a crazy skull in the flower on the bottom right…looking right back at you.

great photos


Yeah, that skull is pretty nuts… Did you Photoshop that or something? :wink: