Amateur Yo-Yo Photography


^ Wow, nice natural light on those shots. Very pretty YoyoFactory throws. I think I’ll work on some more kendama shots myself.

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Wow. Great job nardcopter Those pics turned out really nice


I’ve been working with some new props. I posted this to Instagram this morning.

Yoyofficer Hatchet was looking for a suspect, described as an organic shape, undersized build, black and white, black string, and a spider tattoo on his face.

When Officer Hatchet found the suspect, he told him to put his slip knot behind his back…in his gap.

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^LOL. Great job TA


Gunna do a photo shoot today ;D



^ Nice…something about it makes you want to touch it. I almost forgot it was on the computer screen. :smiley:


I’ll post this here too…“Throw rich!” :wink:


Guess what the yoyo is…

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TA gettin paper


There isn’t a yo-yo in that picture. The orange in the picture is a building across the street reflecting the afternoon sun.


My signature is a picture I took. With some effects.


This is the first time I have seen a mod post something not directly related to the thread.





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After much math, many formulas, and science; I have come to the conclusion that a dead horse has been beaten.

Thank you.


As for the real problem, there is a thread for NON-YOYO RELATED PHOTOGRAPHY.

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