Amateur Yo-Yo Photography


The closeup, the last one, with the snow on the leaves, is my favorite of the three. Nice job.


I was looking at all the photographs i took of yoyo’s in 2013. I think it’s the coolest picture i took all year.

*Edit: What the heck i resized it and it looks awful…


^ It looks cool. I’m curious if you brighten the exposure a bit what it might look like.


One of my latest:

(Erik Kerber ) #505

Looking good TA


Thanks Erik. I’ll be taking some more of those nature shots. The leaves on that bush turn red in the Fall, I can’t wait for that to happen.


that look great! I take it’s a bit cold :wink:


Yeah, we got a few inches of snow yesterday. I figured I’d better get out there while the sun was shining, and the snow still looked “fresh.” Nothing worse than photos of dirty snow. :smiley:


I got my Shutter a week ago. I played around with the flash on our digicam and here’s what I got.

(Erik Kerber ) #510

Thats a Really Nice Looking Shutter


Agreed! The new YYE Silver edition looks great too!


This is hands down the smoothest yoyo in my collection.

(Owen) #513

took this back before ann arbor was in the top ten of snowiest places in america. warm weather seems so distant while im in 2 feet of snow…


^ Wow! Awesome shots guys. That Technic photo is super clear. What throw is that owngry? Keep them coming guys…looking good.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I made a blue one before, so I saved the red one for a day like today. ;D

(Owen) #515

TA, its a phenom. And thanks! Love the heart!


^ Awesome, As usual! Happy Valentines day to you, again, and again!! ;D


hehehe i sneak in and leave these :slight_smile: not sure which i liked better so you choose.


I took this like a week ago if my new chief



@Snafu…wow, the top one looks sick! That’s the winner. :wink:

@Rockerkid13…great photo, and a great looking Chief. Keep the photos coming guys, nice job.

I could look at yo-yo pics all day!


Some of my favorites: