Amateur Yo-Yo Photography

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^cool pic Greg Keep up the good work


Nice one GregP!

Same with yours kitebug. Not to be critical but I would compose the yoyo farther left in frame and then try to capture the full shadow breaking out to the right even if you had to crop it. :slight_smile: It would make a shorter (top to bottom) frame and longer (left to right) but I think it may compose well?


It’s acrylic, but not my work. Painted by the one and only John Higby! ( Currently sold out (must’ve run out of Speedaholics!) but I’m sure they’ll be back some day.


Good point! mental note for next time!


Isn’t that like the bpg crop?


Custom Pill type Kendama I made with a Micro Machine.


Got my first Deadly Spins yesterday! I’ve taken extra care to play over the carpet :smiley:

And this isn’t that great composition wise, but I like pics with light beams in them, so I took this in the short time the sun was shinning today :D:

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^ looking good leg


Nice, I see you are taking queue from TA on the black string! looks great!

I will say that similar to the comment I got previously; on the back light shot it may be good to try and capture the full shadow and shift the frame to show it.




^ How did I miss that one? Your photos are really looking good lately…nice work BC. I can even see a little dust in the double rim…that’s when you know it’s crystal clear. :smiley: I have learned to appreciate that in my CLYW pics.

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Awesome Pic BC


Thanks guys!

I noticed that when I used my desk lamp (yellow light) it made them, weeeelll??? Yellow haha!

So for those, I used a LED Headlamp, my Ipod flash (blue/white) and the flash on the camera.


It snowed today so I took that opportunity to go out and take some pictures of my Canvas. I think it is remembering its days back in Canada.

Show off your CLYW yoyos.
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Cool Pic I really liked the way it turned out


Speaking of yoyos in Canada:

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Really Cool looking throw you got there Gregp


Thanks man!


thank you. I had to use my iphone due to the fact that my parents had our DSLR.