Amateur Yo-Yo Photography




I agree…great results B.C., you are achieving that white background you wanted. Kind of a cup shot too. :slight_smile:


Thanks x2 :slight_smile:

Also- I do not consider it a cup shot unless the yoyo is laying on its
Side. Like the Code 2.

Thats my input. Just a picture where you can see the side doesn’t really count. Again. In my own opinion.


I agree…not totally a cupshot…just kinda, cause it’s still a good view. Keep up the nice photo work. :wink:



More cool photo’s everyone! TA had some great ones with those figures and layouts!

Neat photo’s! Reminds me I have some old Micro-Machines somewhere I need to photograph with a throw for fun myself!


Thanks beherenow…“Micro-Machines?” Awesome. I can’t wait. ;D


This is them on wiki, but I still have to find mine. :smiley:


I miss micro-machines :slight_smile: I had 100’s if not 1000’s of those little cars and planes.


Did you sell them all off?


My mom trashed them or donated them during a move I was away on a ship with my dad as he as returning from his deployment to Somalia in '93 (I got to take a tiger cruise from Hawaii to del mar California in the USS Juneau) and my mom made a mistake and they got thrown away or donated somewhere. Sad but not the worst thing in the world.


(Erik Kerber ) #473



Sweet Summit man! ^

Try switching the SE’s to have opposite SE with opposite halves :wink:


Awesome pics…and I agree, opposite SEs would look great!


The pictures look amazing. I do, however, agree with everyone who thinks the string is a distraction.

BTW… You call yourself an amatuer @kitebug? This is completely awesome.

Did you, like, get an Orange and Black Summit and switch caps? If so, great idea. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to get two Summits.


Thanks, I do have the SE’s reversed, but that is the second pair :wink: I did this one with matching colors


thanks, yes it did take buying 2 summits to make up the pair. good point on the string I’ll have do better on the next one.


Same photo, crop as suggested by bpg:


Nice Greg!

Did you use acrylic? that’s cool