Amateur Yo-Yo Photography




^ Nice spinning shots, cool stuff. Is the Shutter a blasted one?


Yes it is indeed! And thank you!


Here’s some!


This thread is great! No wonder it’s stickied.

I need to go take some pictures…




my latest offering is this dang in nickel i have to say i really love this yoyo, it is every bit as awesome as my Chik!s for different reasons but i didn’t think id like another yoyo as much…


Put that in the spinning section :wink:

Also, I heard you bought that with box tops? Really? ;);););););););):wink:


that heart totally reminds me of shield400’s anti-yo heart

I’ll see if I can find it

edit:appears the photo was hosted on skilltoys which has been down for some time :confused:


Very nice work Snafu, your photos are just getting better and better. Great job.


Snafu, that dang looks sweet! Great pic!


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^ The photos are looking great BC. Great work…getting better and better.


Here’s a few I did in my spare time. Just the norm, tiny cars/giant yo’s getting in their glamour shots XD


^ Cool stuff. I love taking photos of throws with my other toys too.



Nice job bc! Before you know it, you’ll be a pro XD Then you can start a “Professional Yo-Yo Photography” thread, haha

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Great pic bc