Amateur Yo-Yo Photography


It took me a while to take this photo. Not actually snapping the photo, but finding the yo-yos, taking them out of the cases, and then putting them back where they belong.


That’s a pretty cool photo right there!


This is the mustache man colorway made special from one drop on a bad arse Chik!



Nice collection of blue stuff!!


I’m super jealous of that Prestige right now…looks great!! You’re lucky to get your hands on a few early. I’ve heard such great things about it.


This is a photo of my Warwick Corvette bass neck. I put the Superstar on there…it looks like it’s waiting for the train :smiley: I’ve been known to humanize throws, so that’s how it looks to me. The idea behind this piece is that the “Superstar” or famous yo-yo is a music Superstar, so it’s waiting for the train, and they are music related tracks. Deep isn’t it?

Come on…you almost bought all that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice bass, TotalArtist! I have a '97 Warwick. Love the way they sound.


Sweet…when you get a chance, let me get a looksee.  ;D  I love mine, but it’s super heavy…are they all that way?  I have to play that one sitting down.  :smiley:

If you haven’t seen these you have to watch them…and scour the ones for Fender and Gibson too.  Gave me chills.  This first one is a body being cut:

This is a Warwick factory tour:

Old video from 2006…they stepped their game up since then lol.


Those vids were great! Now I need to go clean up the puddle of drool. :smiley:


Black weaved background test.


Ipod touch-


^ I like that weaved background, I think it adds something interesting to to the photo. Very pleasing to the eye. All my attempts at dark backgrounds have not been 100%, but I hope to find something eventually that works to my satisfaction.


Same here.

That^ was my trampoline ;D

And black paper is purple for me…


Sorry, just realized I forgot to answer your (TotalArtist) question about the heaviness of my Warwick Streamer STD, and yes its pretty heavay. Haven’t been able to get any pictures I like yet.


Not great quality on this one…


Those are improving so much…they look great. :slight_smile:


Tried editing with no luck :-\


Which editing program are you using?


Same as you…


I will PM on it.