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24 and 5’7" and I play with the stock length. Was thinking about shortening it a bit, but seeing as Im still new, I dont know how to tie the appropriate knot lol.


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I’m 20, and in the expert part 2 section and just too keep it up I am 6’4"

im 11 and 4’9 and when i get bored i cut like 40 strings at a time and tie nots at the apropriate length but if im feelin lazy i just throw stock

Q this is why we love you!!! you are so hilairius!!! a tad annoying but still. as i said in another post,

  1. I’m 5’1. sometimes I cut some strings.

Im 24 and 6’15"ish.
i like playing stock because my trick mostly technical.
easier for various mounts.

  1. 5’ 10". I just play my string stock. :smiley: Length doesn’t bother me that much.
  1. 6’ 2’. I leave my strings stock for 1A and shorten them just a little bit for 5A :smiley:

43…5’9" Adv 2 always cut’em

man, icthus is an old fart! jk,jk.

6’ 15" means you’re 7 feet and 3 inches tall. :stuck_out_tongue:

15 5’6" and i really don’t know… I tie it shorter if its too long, or I get a new one if it’s too short haha.

I like to cut strings. :wink:

  1. i feel old for these boards, ithicus evens it out i guess. stock string.

I get the same feeling too sometimes but oh well. Also I can act pretty immature so i figure everything balances out in the end.

fixed for ya

Me too man.

20, 5’10", I cut my strings about 2" shorter than stock height, just enough to lessen chances of floor impact.

Part of the “old fart group”!
I’m 42 and 6’4"
Stock strings.