Water whip!

I think I have invented my first trick!!! I cant land it consistently yet, so no vid. you go and act like you are doing a wrist whip, but you catch the slack and dont cross the yoyo, change the direction of it, and whip like an iron! Has this been done?

Yep, been done.


Congrats on coming up with something on your own! Even if it has been done, it’s good to invent things anyways; coming up with something on your own is very satisfying.

About a video: there will not always be a video for every trick, many times things you come up with may be things other people doodle with as well. This time, there is a video for the trick, though the trick is built on much more.

Yours is the first “step” of the whip combo: (are there actual “steps” for any whip combo…?)

That being said, Q is also a trustworthy guy, you can take what he says for being very accurate.

speaking of Q… where are those bassboosts!!! btw how is the DTI Beast??? Lol. Thats not quite what im doing, the guy in the vid. im doing fake wrist, grab slack, reverse slack, iron whip motion, to true iron whip, and repeat iron whips

Haha, no worries, I understand what you are doing, I have done it too. :smiley:

Alexis’s is very quick, and does not land in the iron whip because he continues and makes the combo longer. It’s a general idea, that is all I am trying to say.

Depends on what mood I’m in, I can be quite counter-poductive if I wish.

Q, you are the only person I HATE! and love at the same time… you drive me insane… but you are briliant

Yeah, I get that a lot.

Yeah. I know… XminusmikeX said that as well in the “strings:a documentary.” thread when you said Kimmet won.

I has a vid



looks cool, ive never seen anything lie it

yah ive done tht