new whip

I made a new whip that I call whip trap It’s really cool because It turns into a trapeez

sounds cool!!! i wish i could make up my own whip!!!

WOW !!! i want to learn it!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:




Unfortunately I don’t care at all because I can’t visualize what you are doing because you haven’t given me a visual representation of said “whip”.

Next time you want to try and get my excitement post a video or at least a description.

this guy is new yoyocrazy

I want to learn it. Please make a video just like Samad said. It would be great if you did.

he is not able to make a vid
he told me

Well then he can describe it to us. That doesn’t include making a video.

srry, i didn’t ge that one bit, were does the backwards part come in?
I belive i’ve made 3 whips.(asuming they haven’t been done)

i dont get what he is doing but whatever