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I’m 20, and in the expert part 2 section and just too keep it up I am 6’4"

im 11 and 4’9 and when i get bored i cut like 40 strings at a time and tie nots at the apropriate length but if im feelin lazy i just throw stock

Q this is why we love you!!! you are so hilairius!!! a tad annoying but still. as i said in another post,

  1. I’m 5’1. sometimes I cut some strings.

Im 24 and 6’15"ish.
i like playing stock because my trick mostly technical.
easier for various mounts.

  1. 5’ 10". I just play my string stock. :smiley: Length doesn’t bother me that much.
  1. 6’ 2’. I leave my strings stock for 1A and shorten them just a little bit for 5A :smiley:

43…5’9" Adv 2 always cut’em

man, icthus is an old fart! jk,jk.

6’ 15" means you’re 7 feet and 3 inches tall. :stuck_out_tongue:

15 5’6" and i really don’t know… I tie it shorter if its too long, or I get a new one if it’s too short haha.

I like to cut strings. :wink:

  1. i feel old for these boards, ithicus evens it out i guess. stock string.

I get the same feeling too sometimes but oh well. Also I can act pretty immature so i figure everything balances out in the end.

fixed for ya

Me too man.

20, 5’10", I cut my strings about 2" shorter than stock height, just enough to lessen chances of floor impact.

Part of the “old fart group”!
I’m 42 and 6’4"
Stock strings.

ok then.
honestly i usually use centimeters, so this kind of measurement confuse me.
I’m 187 cm.

im 12 play full string and im 5"3 im in the advanced section