Cut your string. You know who you are.

OK, you don’t really need to cut your string. But seriously… what’s with the large number of people who don’t cut off the excess of their string after they’ve tied a loop? Showing up in videos floppin’ around and stuff.

I know it’s not actually a big deal, and I mean this thread lightheartedly. :slight_smile: But seriously, it’s like seeing a kid with a big snot dangling from their nose… I just want to get out a tissue and wipe it for them!

Don’t make me come after you with scissors or a string cutter. The police probably wouldn’t be on my side for that one. :wink:


HAHA I could not agree more!!! But to each their own. I am 5’6 and I cut my string at my belly botton and EVEYONE thinks I play the shortest strings… HAHA

I hear ya man!!!

I mostly meant the excess after a loop has been tied (no matter final length), but a secondary thing that makes my eyes twitch is seeing someone with a string up to their chest. It looks so awkward! But a lot of the 5’ and under crowd has to do this or they wouldn’t have enough string for a double-or-nothing. :wink:

Dude I’m also 5’6" and when I cut the string at my belly button it is WAY too short for my liking. I don’t know how you do it. I feel so cramped when the string is short like that.

I haven’t heard of anyone cutting off to the chest but I have seen people not cut the excess off and it looks unprofessional imo. No hate to anyone who does this but if you try to look nice a simple cut or pass over a lighter works wonders. Also I use the size of custom YYE string I got to the point where I remeber the length I like with kitty.


I’m not one to make a fuss about aesthetics, but leaving a “tail” on the loop of a string just doesn’t look good. If you’re going to all the trouble of filming and editing, the least you can do is hack off an inch or so of loose string.

HAHA Yea I guess I missed that one!!

Yes I agree as well… I snip it right at the knot… Nice and clean… All that extra string just seems to get in the way…

I always have cut off right to the knot, but does it get in the way at all?

I like the excess ( if its a tiny amount) on a loop or slip not. Also I’m like 4 foot something, and I don’t cut my string for looping, since my fatal accident with my Loop 1080 :). And I can still loop perfectly. And I don’t cut it for 1a or anything els because I don’t know how to tie a proper not. :slight_smile: Just My Opinion :).

I believe Gary Li doesn’t cut off the excess “tail” of the string in some of his videos.

I do this with my Dragon string because I’ve heard stories of knots just coming undone. But besides that I always cut off that excess.

here is a link to how to tie a proper yoyo string it is a great thing to be able to do.

Hahaha, the snot part made me laugh out loud.

For me, Kitty String is the perfect length. I just tie it off at the very end and it’s perfect. There might be 1/4-1/2 inch sticking off… but no big deal, it usually gets winded in with the loop.

I was actually thinking about trying NOT cutting the excess for when I cut it today. Lol I guess I won’t, then!

Nah, really, man. I agree. It’s a bit like seeing someone “sagging” their pants. The lower their pant are, the more you just wanna hoist em’ up for the person! Like when you see someone’s hank of excess string hanging off their throw finger. Anyhow, just MY two cents on the excess string issue.

Depends on the string for me. I usually cut it, but for some reason all of my “custom” (MY signature) string I use I always leave the little like 1 inch tag end on. Just something about it makes it seem okay and appealing to do :slight_smile:

It annoys the heck out of me too. I’d watch a video with great tricks and all…only to be distracted by the uncut string dangling like a man’s privates. Ruins it a bit for me.

I’m 5’9" and I keep my string stock.

You’ve probably heard of the slipknot getting loose around the finger. In other words, after it’s tied on. This is totally true; Dragons aren’t grippy enough for me (and not just Dragons, but many other string types I’ve tried) to stay on my finger with just a normal slipknot.

But the square knot that’s used to tie the loop itself… nah, that’s never even hinted at coming undone for me. I mean, that’s a really snug kind of knot. Pull it nice and tight and it’s not going anywhere!