3YO3's Official Manufacturer Thread!- Check out the new Bass Line 2!!!!


These look amazing. So glad they will be coming out soon


Haha glad you’re as excited as we are!

As soon as I get them back from the laser engraver they’ll be on their way to stores for you to buy! :slight_smile:


Hey Landon want to donate one of these to me… :wink:


I have 2 of these on the way, super excited!


Any more news on when these will be in the stores? Did you get them from the engraver yet?


I’ve been in contact with him and he has informed me that they will be shipped out to stores very shortly. I’ve got one on the way myself :).

Here’s a pic of the engraving:


I love the new logo on the engraving!


Sooooo, check out what I happened to pick up :wink: Trust me, you guys want in on this yoyo.

  1. Its gorgeous
  2. It plays fantastically
  3. It has a unique shape, at least for my current collection

I wish I could compare it to a TI5 for you guys, but alas, I’ve never played one. As a stand alone though, I am really enjoying it. Keep your eyes peeled, they should be dropping soon!


I have both, and thus I can compare the Al5 to the Ti5.

For a fraction of the price, and with better availability, the Al5 is the closest thing you’re gonna get to a Ti5.

In short, it’s excellent. Outdoes the already famous Omnicron X for sure. Good going 3YO3!


Did you guys get these at PNWR?


Hey everyone!! Sorry it’s been SO LONG since I’ve posted!

I can finally announce the release date for my new throw. The Al5 will be dropping on Friday, March 8th!!

At only $85, these won’t last long!! Don’t miss your chance to pick one up, you won’t be disappointed! :slight_smile:

(Thanks to everyone on here who’s been keeping people in the loop for me! lol)









$85 is quackers. March 8th, eh? I might have some money for yoyos by then…


If you are on the edge about buying the AL5 read this review:

It really is a fantastic throw


Dropping Friday!!! Who here CAN NOT WAIT to pick up their Al5???


Just need to convince my mom…


What time will these drop?

Does it play fast & floaty?

Looks amazing and can’t wait to try one


Read the rest of this thread. You literally quoted what time it is going to drop. I don’t think it can get more obvious than that. It is dropping this Friday. As for your other question, i posted a review on it not 2 comments above yours. Please actually look for answers before posting stupid questions.


Really, Friday is a time?


You sir,

just received soo many kudos.


Shooting me down fast… They were just simple questions. Thanks for your review though :slight_smile:

I was referring to time, not day/date. I expect these to go fast and wanted to make sure I could get one right when they drop…