3YO3's Official Manufacturer Thread!- Check out the new Bass Line 2!!!!

Hey guys!!  So, as you know my engineering background lends me to making awesome yoyos whether they’re hand made or CNC’d, but it also lends to being terrible when it comes to hyping ANYTHING. 
read: http://www.yoyonation.com/talk/index.php/topic,93315.0.html
That being said, I’ve got alotta good stuff but I’d find it likely that not many know/care about it :wink:

I’ll start with the biggest news of all-  I won 1st in both the WYYC mod contest & iron mod contest!!!  Here’s what I made to do it-
That’s a front Formula bicycle hub that I chopped & then machined into a yoyo.  Yea you read that right, a bike hub!!  It weighs 100.7 grams, is 71.48 mm dia, 46.58 mm width & totally epic.  I’ll be selling these at some point!

Now, onto what all’s come out since the start of the year.  First up’s the Volume:
It’s a hand made Delrin that’s in the 53mm catagory, and it rocks.  Here’s the run down of specs:
53.3 mm Dia
43.1 mm Width
67 G
4.02 mm Gap
Get yours today here at Yoyoexpert!!!

After playing a Volume for a week, and falling completely inlove w/ the shape, I had to make one in acrylic.  Here’s the result-  The Accent
It’s identical to the Volume in specs, just 1 gram lighter.  You’ll love it!

This came out in March:  It’s the GK, and it’s completely hand made from bar stock Teflon!  Here’s what you need to know about Teflon:
"Teflon’s coefficient of friction is an extremely low .07! (For comparison, Delrin is .25, Anodized Aluminum is .22) This means that grinds are exceptional.

Furthermore, Teflon is a very dense plastic. Its density is .079 lb/in^3, which is much heavier than Delrin and Acrylic (.049 & .042, respectively). It even out-weighs Magnesium, and is close to that of Aluminum (.063 & .098, respectively)."

It’s essentially the best grinding yoyo, & most metal-esque full plastic you can buy. 

49.3 mm Dia
39.44 mm Width
68.5 G
4.02 mm gap

Next we’ve got the Omnicron X.  It’s a CNC’d aluminum version of the acrylic Omnicron.  This thing is primo. If you liked the Bass Line, you’ll love this. 
-Gobs more rim weight
-Spiked hub
-Killer IRG for grinds
-Partly designed by CJ, the first sig edition 3yo3
When I did the Bass Line’s, they were all pyramatte’d and ano’d in 1 of 5 colors: black, blue, gold, clear (silver), & red. Not this time. We’ve got some nickel plated, powder coated, anodized in black & silver, some given the VsNYYC “The Works” treatment, Jason Wong Loaded ano… and more coming!  Rest assured, it’s just as smooth as the Bass Line. These will be dropping soon @ the YYE Store!!

Diameter: 52.00 mm
Width: 42.85 mm
Weight: 67.1 grams
Bearing: C
Response: RTV/Flow will accept thick .555 Gen-Yo hatpads, and other similar sized pads.

And my latest new yo, is the production version of my 3rd place 2010 WYYC Mod Contest yoyo, the Hour Glass.  In 2010 it seemed the “trend” was yoyos that had an hour glass shape.  Well, Tip told me it’d be sweet to make one out of acylic, but take it a step further and make it WORK!  With his outlandish ideas and my machining talent, it happened.  They’re filled with real sand that travels between the halves through the hollow axle.

Though on the heavy side due to the high brass content, sand, and caps, it still plays GREAT. Smooth too, even with the sand!!! 
50.8 mm Dia
41.36 mm wide
77.1 g, with the sand
4.02 mm gap

And one last note, for those of you still reading-  I plan on releasing a Titanium yoyo after the Omnicron X.  It’s going to be awesome. I’ll spend a ton of time in the design process, to the point where I’ll be able to pick up the yoyo 5 years from it being made and say “I wouldn’t have done it differently”.  Stay tuned!

Keep an eye here, I’ll be updating this page as news happens!


I’ll just leave these here…

Pictures of yoyos I made over the summer that were a color I’d never done before.

Red Flame Cosmo

Pure White acrylic Cosmo

Camouflage Cosmo

Blue Eyes Cosmo

Blue Crush Cosmo

Mountaineer Pride Cosmo

Russian Flag Cosmo

Disco Cosmo

Yam Cosmo

Blue Water Acryllion

Thunder Storm Acryllion

Green Bolt Acryllion

Blue Mesh Acryllion

Digital Camouflage Omnicron

50’s Interior Omnicron

American Confetti Omnicron

Valentine’s Camouflage

Banana Split Ceephax

Red Swirl Ceephax

Marble Blue Accent

awesome stuff landon! looking forward to seeing what else you have coming up and great job at the mod contest this year!

Thanks!!! Keep an eye on this thread as there’s quite a bit of goodies in store :slight_smile:

Sheesh those acrylics look amazing.
And yuo made a yoyo out of a bike wheel?!

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Hahaha yup! It was just unique enough to get me the gold :slight_smile:

Oh WOW!!

Congratulations on the win!!!
Spectacular Concept and Realization.

Great Photo’s of the other yoyo’s

I look forward to the Teflon one most of all.

Great work .


Digging all the input guys- thanks a BUNCH!!

Here’s what’s happening- I just graduated from USF with a bachelors in mechanical engineering. Now it’s time to really get some yoyos going! Look for another wave of Omnicron X’s, all bead blasted & in some really wicked colorways. Maybe even gold plate? :wink:

Titanium yoyo- I’m going to do 6 more drawings, so there’ll be 10 total. Then we’ll have an official poll, and figure out what everyone likes best. It’s going to be HUGE!

Lastly- I’ve gotten some orders lately for all my handmade stuff lately. Yes, EVERYTHING is still handmade start to finish, NO CNC’ing at all (with the exception of the Omnicron X of course.) Here’s what’s brewing on my manual lathe!

First thing to drop will be these acrylic Steamrollers. The X^3YO3 official collaboration


Let there be light!



That’s a Hammerhead, with a Duncan light up FHZ board inside.

Here’s my stock-pile of un-machined yoyo stock! From the top: 2.125" Acrylic for Cosmo/Ceephax/Acryllion/Accent. 2.125" Delrin for Volume/Capella. Bottom left: 2.25" acrylic for CMA & Hammerhead. Bottom Middle: 2.00" teflon for Grind King & ??? :wink: Bottom right: 2" acrylic for acrylic steams & ??? Question marks indicate a definite potential of new models. All this I’ll eventually turn by hand into another awesome 3YO3 creation!


And here’s whats come in for colored acrylic yoyos!



a slew of color!


And these next 2 shots of some in the laminating clamp



Saving the best for last…




Check back soon!




Will they be dropping at your store?

This first run’s going all to Xcube. There’s a definite stir of possibility for run #2 though!

Here’s what else has been going on. I’m staying BUSY!

some crazy colors, finally in progess of being hand machined:




Here’s all the shavings I’ve stirred up!




Gotta love it haha.

Also have a 5th Ti proto drawn, & soon some more. Will be unveiling these new designs soon!

awesome! Hopefully when states rolls around in march we’ll see some cool new stuff! Also i’m absolutely in love with that orange with black speckle!

Where can I buy that X3 yoyo of yours

How come the Accent isn’t available in colored?

It’s too wide, lol. It can be made in this Camouflage, but that’s the only colored option


Oh, well under the volume I see black, white and half and half. Under the pictures there are some dyed. How come this isn’t available under the drop down menu?


Because I’m slow at updating my website lol. I’ve got to change that!

Titanium Proto 5:


Titanium Proto 6: Cosmo inspired


Titanium Proto 7:


Input VERY welcome!


Proto 7 with lower rims.