3YO3 Al5: Coming Soon!!!

In case you didn’t know, 3YO3 is coming out with a budget friendly follow up to the Ti5!!

Introducing the Al5…


I want everyone’s involvement on this!! Let’s make it as big as the Ti5 :slight_smile:

What color do you want YOUR Al5 to be?
Special edition colorways?
Media finishes?
Engraving ideas?

If you have any suggestions, feel free to post! I’m super excited about this and I hope you all are too!!!

Is there any way to get a neon green anodization over a light beadblast? That would be amazing. Or a black with neon green splash anodization over a beadblast.

Depending on the price, I’d get more than one. Solids I prefer. Silver(Raw) and light blue. If going with splash, based on my preferences, royal blue with silver splash.

Definitely need beadblasting on the grindable surface areas.

I really enjoy the TI-5, so I can’t wait to get this.

I’m really excited, my empty wallet… Not so much

I’d like to see a gunmetal gray that looks like it has a bunch of marks and dings all over it.

I also think an OD green with bullet marks would be cool.

Candy Apple Red, Gunmetal Black, or just plain ol’ raw like the Ti5.

Gunmetal gray with dog tag engravings



Should also come stock with Big Yoyo string.

What color do you want YOUR Al5 to be?
I would love a Bumblebee Yellow color!
Special edition colorways?
BumbleBee Yellow With Black Inner Cup/ IRG Area
Media finishes?
Bead Blastin is okay…I would love to see Soda Blast, too.
Engraving ideas?
An awesome idea here…
A bowl of Petunias…Please get the reference…

Blasted matte black with polished accents, please.

Solid Kelly green (or similar) would be awesome. I’d buy that.


Keep it simple. candy apple red all the way.

All over the board here! I love it :smiley:

I feel like the grey w/ “dings” all over (un-grey’d parts shining thru) would look really stellar!!

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I’d like to see very simple, almost un-decorative engravings.

As close to white as you can get, with red splatter/speckle. Or solids, gray, red, green, blue.

blue with gray or clear lightning-ish design. like that metallica album…

beadblasted black on the outside and anodized red on the inside cup would look good

blue and black acid wash with beadblast wouldn’t look bad either

needs a purple color of any kind and get a onedrop pyrrimat finish would be awsome and how budget friendlly would it be

Aww yeah, Metallica. That would look pretty awesome.

I think a special edition where you just polish it and it has a clear ano with engravings that are like the Ti5’s would be awesome.

Red speckles on grey. I’d like this ;D