3YO3 Al5: Coming Soon!!!

Something purple…

But as for an awesome Colorway:

clear and a light purple acid wash with a baby blue splash


well, since it is a follow up to the ti5 how about mirror polish with clear anodization, and engrave al-5 on the inside of one cup.

Clear soda blasted finish.


Clear soda blasted yoyos always make me drool

I’m rooting for polished, with clear anodizing and simple, minimalistic engravings. Maybe something as basic as a ring around each cup face, something that’s as much a part of the design as the actual shape.

I would like to see raw with some kind of grind able surface, And minimalistic laser engravings, or no laser engravings. Leaning more towards no engravings especially if that will keep the price down

CLYW did rockabully, and it looks as if it’s covered in dings. It’s black with ding sized clear speckled. Not the most attractive anno, in my opinion. It doesn’t hide dings, it makes it look as if there are more than there really are.

Maybe Fade Splashes:

Have a dark base color (Example: Purple)
Splash colors that come before or after it on the Color Wheel (Example: Red, Orange, Yellow)

color wheel: http://www.tigercolor.com/color-lab/color-theory/images/color-wheel-300.gif

The media should be similar to One Drops, very smooth and grindable, yet tough and harder to ding. I feel that straight up anodized aluminum (no finishes, blasting; from raw to anodized) dents and dings easier than coated aluminum. My c3yoyodesign Berserker dropped off my desk, rolled and hit the wall. There was a flatspot on the impacted spot.

I change my mind, do nickel! Do it! At least a special edition…

solid green.

and i mean #00ff00 kind of green.

or some cool digital camouflage colorway(without brown plzthnxbai)

any predictions of exactly how budget friendly this is going to be?

Make it colorful in such a way that when it spins it will become solid white

I don’t think this is possible. It could be done with black, though.

A Halloween night color way where one half is orange with black splash and the other is black with orange

Landon said under 90$!!!


White with rainbow splash!

90$ how is that buget friendly?

I think “budget friendly” is referring to the fact that its an aluminum version of a $345.00 titanium yo-yo.