RAyoyos- Official Thread! First run.

Hey everybody,
This is now the official thread for a new yoyo company that will hopefully become a household name in the yoyo society, RaYoyos. The goal for our company is to provide what people like, and make it top quality. And not ridiculously expensive.

The first yoyo being produced is expected to officially release for public sale in mid August. The design has been prototyped and finalized. Artwork is being made into stamp-form, and the boxes have arrived. Foam is being cut, and everything else is well underway. The last thing we are waiting for are the several anodized prototypes that are currently being worked on. After that, production will be started.

The first run will be a very limited numerically engraved batch of yoyos. They will involve special packaging, and special string made by somebody to be announced. The colors WILL be amazing.


The RaYoyos Chupacabra
Our first design is fast. It is fullsized and light. It features a width that gives is a very solid stance and makes landing tricks a breeze. Weight isnt pushed too hard in any single spot on the yoyo. It is a true champ. Machined by Onedrop Yoyos.
Weight: 65.7 grams
Width: 44.1mm
Diameter: 56.56
C-sized 10ball bearing.
Flow groove response.

Soda Blasted version. Has a very powdery look to it. Super clean and amazing.

Artwork by Zeami Eccles-Irwin. Thanks bro.

High Speed Yoyo Review:

Ryan Jacobs

hmm, i know that i like earthy tones, like greens and browns, despite the lack of green and brown yoyos in my collection, i also like darker blues. a copper speckle with one of those would look nice i think, particularly on the green or the blue.

The throw looks great! I suggest some purples and pinks. Bright colors that pop will attract alot of people

I agree about earth tones. They look good on a yoyo.

Raw, blasted silver, or blasted gold are what I’m digging at the moment, and this yoyo looks sweet anyway.

And this thing hits my preferences perfectly, I’ll do my best to pick one up.

I really like the clear annodization with green and orange splash kind of thing it looks really good

Some green speckled ones

I’m a fan of purples and greens. What kind of finish are you planning on?
By the way, classy shape. I dig it.

Chupacabras are supposed to eat goats. So how about a brown and beige acid wash with blood red streaks or splash. Should look interesting static and very unique while spinning.

Dang, I like the specs.

I agree about the earthy tones. But bright colors would really pop on this throw.

Reminds me of a YYR.

Id like some nice bright colors that are shiny…I like shiny…

Do cyan. Cyan shiny is a must.

I love it when the splash on a yoyo is similar to the base color, and it blends in a really cool way, like two different shades of blue, or like silver with grey splash… my two cents.

Do a black with yellow or red splash

Aqua with jet mirror black and chrome silver! ;D

i like red with white splash or vice versa and white with black splash

Added more pictures. Now you can get a better view of what it actually looks like :wink:

Drool :o looks awesome

woah, i want one… and what colors will the protos be?

Prototypes will not be for sale to the general public. Sorry.